Artificial Golf Greens

"Don't Even Think About An Artificial Golf Green Until You Read This Important Message"

From The Desk Of Cameron Strachan
Owner of Supreme Greens
- Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Dear Golfer,

New-generation artificial golf grass is awesome! Get the right grass and have it installed correctly (either by a professional team or DIY) and you'll be the proud owner of an amazing putting green that will last you years.

But get it wrong and you'll waste your time and money. If you're keen to get the inside story then read on. Because there's a vital thing I need to tell you...

Not All Artificial Grass Is The Same. It's Not Even Close...

Listen up. Most synthetic grass that is sold for putting greens actually hasn't been created for golf. It comes from hockey and lawn bowls and this grass doesn't cut the mustard.

The ball will roll too quickly and the surface will be too hard. It's just not ideal for those golfers wanting the best experience.

And it's hard to know what you're buying because it's my experience the suppliers will just tell you what you want to hear...

... "we sell a putting green grass"

"our grass is made for golf"

"this grass is perfect for golf"


And then it gets worse...

... because most (not all, but a fair percentage) grasses are imported from overseas. These are cheaper grasses that have not been made to the highest standards.

They are not UV protected.
They can contain nasty polymers.
They are not heat stabilised to cope with the harsh Aussie climate.
They shrink and are not stable.
They are not made 100% here in Australia (including the yarn)
They don't come with a guarantee that is backed by a group of Australian businesses.

When It Comes To Synthetic Grass, You Get What You Pay For

And let's be honest here. When it comes to a golf green, you need something that is going to be reliable.

You want your ball to run true. You want the playing characteristics to be consistent. You want value for money and don't want your green shrinking and changing shape. You want your putting green to look great year after year and that's going to help you improve your game.

You want an artificial golf green that's going to impress your mates (and your wife!).

This is why you MUST invest in the best possible artificial grass. And it's highly important to get a synthetic grass that is made for golf. Because quite frankly, hockey and lawn bowls are not golf!

An Artificial Grass That's Made For Golf!

At Supreme Greens, our putting surfaces have been engineered to the exacting precisions that the game demands.

You get a pure roll. Testing has shown the ball will roll even better on these grasses.

Why? Because there are no imperfections. Each blade of grass is perfect. So you get an ideal roll time after time.

And what about the speed?

Glad you asked. Our greens run at approximately 10 on the Stimpmeter. Right off the bat. This is an ideal speed. Not too fast or too slow. It's the standard speed found at that fancy golf course down the road.

Yep. You can make them faster, but unless you're going for something large (over 100m2) or you're a tour professional, trust me, a speed of 10 will be plenty fast enough.

Ultra Low Maintenance Putting Green

This is important.

Not all artificial putting greens are low maintenance. They require constant tweaking and maintenance. I don't know about you, but this is NOT something I care too much about.

I want to use my green and work on my game. I don't want to be servicing the thing all of the time.

Supreme Greens are low maintenance. At most, you'll need to spend a few minutes each week doing some basic maintenance.

What's basic maintenance?

Simple. Keep debris (leaves, twigs and weeds) off the green. You may want to get a stiff broom and give it a brush every now and then. But that's it. There's nothing too hard or time consuming.

How Well Do These Supreme Greens Actually Perform?

This was always my biggest question. The very first artificial greens I saw were terrible. They were not even close to being playable.

So I was skeptical about artificial grass. And I can absolutely understand your concern.

I can still remember the very first shot I hit into my green. It was from my 85 metre tee and I fluked a good shot. The ball took off straight for the pin. It landed in the middle of the green, took a bounce forward and then spun down to a foot from the hole.

I couldn't believe my eyes. It reacted like a real green and I was elated. And the green performed like this day after day. I hit over 10,000 shots onto my green and it still performed optimally - not a pitch mark in sight - and the putts still rolled true.

As a scratch golfer and someone who is a little obsessed with golf, I don't think there's a better and more realistic and low maintenance artificial golf green on the Australian market.

If you've got a minute and would like to talk to me personally about these greens, feel free to call me during business hours, my direct number is 0403372261.

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  • Q.Where are you located and do you service my area?

    A.We’re located on the Sunshine Coast QLD and service all of Australia. Our grass is made in Queensland and Melbourne. Our most popular areas are Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. But we have traveled extensively around the country and there probably isn’t a district we haven’t sold grass to.

  • Q.Why is your grass better?

    A.For a start it has been made for golf. Most other synthetic grasses come from hockey or lawn bowls and to be honest, these grasses don’t stack up. They get too hard and fast and this is NOT good for golf. Our grasses are made for golf. You get a better roll on the ball and you can even hit lofted shots that spin and stop.

  • Q.I've seen synthetic golf greens before and they were terrible. Are yours any better?

    A.Absolutely. Some of the newer types of synthetic golf grass were horrible. They didn’t offer much of a golf experience at all. But our new generation synthetic golf grass has to be seen to be believed. It’s incredibly realistic, low maintenance and long lasting.

  • Q.How long will these golf greens last?

    A.I’ve spoken directly with the manufacturer on this one and with normal use you can expect 15-20 years of use. “Normal” here means for domestic backyard use.

  • Q.What do they cost?

    A.Please contact us for pricing. The final price depends on a whole range of things and it’s very hard to give a price off the bat without understanding what you’re after.