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The Truth About Synthetic Golf Grass

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Golf is the greatest sport in the world. It’s challenging while giving you plenty of satisfaction. Some of us can’t get enough…

Supreme Greens want to make sure you get the very best from your artificial putting green.

You get home from work – it has been a long hard day – and you go grab a few balls and head to your putting green. The green is pure, the grass ideal and the ball rolls true. After a few putts the worries of the day are long gone as you watch putt after putt find the hole.

Not all artificial golf surfaces are the same. When you go with synthetic you don’t want to be spending huge amounts of time maintaining them. This defeats the purpose. Proper synthetic greens don’t require huge amounts of maintenance. They’re close to maintenance free while still looking and reacting like the real deal. But choose wisely, make the wrong decision and you’ll be left disappointed.

The pitch shot comes off perfectly. You can hear the ball fizzing as it flies through the air and travels directly for the flag. You hold your finish as you watch the ball come down, “this is gunna be close”, you think. The ball lands, takes a hop forward and then spins to a halt, only a foot or two from the cup. You’re elated. Not only is your short game improving, but your synthetic green mimics that of a real green. “How do these guys replicate nature?”

If your land parcel allows you should consider getting a green that allows you to hit shots to it – this way you can work on chipping, pitching, bunker and even full shots. But buyer beware! Not all manufacturers can’t replicate the real deal. Their greens are like rocks and can’t hold a ball. Go with the wrong supplier and you’ll be left frustrated because you can’t practice your golf properly. Get it right and you’ll be able to spin and control the ball like the real deal and see your golf improve before your eyes.

Whack! You watch the ball sail straight and true. You’ve just flushed another straight shot from your new synthetic hitting tee. Your game is going places because this extra practice is what you need to get your handicap from double digits and into single figures. You can’t believe how good it feels to hit balls from a hitting surface that’s better than nature.

Many synthetic hitting mats don’t feel that good. You don’t get the right feedback and you get those unsightly green stains on the bottom of your club. Some jar and jolt your joints when you strike them. Not good! When the synthetic grass is manufactured specifically for golf it’s a whole new experience. You can insert tees, you get the correct feedback and the grass is long wearing. 

About: My name is Cameron Strachan and I’m a golf enthusiast, author and golf coach. In 2012 I started on the process of building my dream golf facility on the Sunshine Coast. Real grass wasn’t an option due to the excessive maintenance costs (time and money). Synthetic was the only viable option but there wasn’t a lot of information around as to what was the best way to go. Actually, there was a distinct lack of information on synthetic products specifically for golf and all suppliers sounded the same.

This website changes all that. I want to give you the full story from a golfer's perspective and highlight the do’s, don’ts and all the issues that will save you time and money. And most importantly of all, I want to show you how to get the most realistic artificial putting green for your needs. Just like I did.

The starting point is to download my FREE report, The Truth About Synthetic Golf Grass. You can do so by entering your details on this page. Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

  • Why all synthetic grass suppliers are NOT the same
  • How to get a golf green that closely mimics the real deal
  • Why most synthetic golf greens get a huge FAIL
  • How to reduce all maintenance down to only minutes per month
  • The 7 most common mistakes people make with their green and what you MUST do instead