Time to get serious about synthetic golf greens ...

How do they perform?

Performance was always my main concern. The very first synthetic golf greens I had seen and used were not much good. In fact, they were terrible.

Once, I played at a course in Nundle, NSW. Although it was fun to play, the synthetic greens here were horrible. They weren’t stuck to the ground and the carpet was actually lifting in the wind. It was also impossible to stop the ball on the green and putting wasn’t that easy either. I wasn’t impressed.

And a mate of mine in Melbourne had a green in his backyard. It was laid on concrete and it rolled at about 15 on the Stimpmeter. It was way too quick and there wasn’t much point in using it.

So I was skeptical about synthetic grass. I really was and still unsure about this new-generation grass until I hit my first shot onto my new green. My very first shot (from my 85 metre tee) landed a few feet short of the pin, took a hop forward and then spun back to a foot from the hole. At that point I knew I had made the right decision and would spend many hours honing my game.

I spent hundreds of hours putting, chipping, and hitting shots into this green. And it was always impressive. The consistent roll and the ability of the green to allow the ball to land, check and stop made me one happy golfer.  A well maintained natural grass green will always outperform a synthetic one.

But, when you consider the minimal maintenance, no weeding, no watering and no mowing, these golf greens truly are incredible. A real-life green requires constant love and attention and many thousands of dollars in yearly maintenance. A good synthetic green requires very little.

In early 2016 I sold a DIY golf green to one of Australia’s best golfers. This guy is ranked inside the top 15 on the Australian Tour and he wanted something that was going to mimic the greens he plays week-in-week-out. Only the very best would do.

I spoke to him a few weeks ago, around 4 months after his own installation, and he is still thrilled with the green. He putts most days (when he’s not traveling) and the green gives him the right kind of feedback he is looking for.

I’d like to think that a Supreme Green that’s properly installed is somewhere near 80-90% like the real thing. And maybe I’m just being a little biased so here’s one more story that might help convince you if you’re still on the fence.

Not long after the completion of my green I had a group of mates fly up from Melbourne for my 40th birthday bash. The golf green was a focal point because they were all golfers, ranging in ability from professional to a 10 handicap. There were no mugs and they all thought the green was amazing.

The group of 8 spent hours playing and hitting all sorts of shots. I couldn’t get them off the bloody thing!! I’m convinced that a Supreme Green is the most realistic, affordable and low maintenance golf green setup you can get.

It’s my opinion that most golfers just don’t know how good these things really are and part of my mission is to share my story and help other golfers make an informed decision.

Like anything, there are budget options and more premium versions. When it comes to synthetic grass, you really do get what you pay for and it's my advice to go with the best option.

I appreciate that not everyone likes buying quality and if this sounds like you, then perhaps our product range is not for you. You can certainly find cheaper alternatives but you will be making sacrifices on longevity, performance and maintenance.

And check out this video, our most popular ever showing how well you can get the ball to stop on these greens!

Our DIY Kits are a winner!

We have pioneered the DIY synthetic golf green market here in Australia. We have developed a specific grass that is ideal for the small backyard green at home.

This grass requires less infill, is easier to cut and way simpler to join. If you’re the handy type and still want to get a fantastic golf green but don’t have the budget for full install, then this grass has been made for you. And it performs exceptionally well, you can still chip and pitch to it and it rolls like a charm.

If you follow the steps outlined in this manifesto, you can have a fully functional putting green that will look great and last for many years for around $1500 (price does depend on the size of your green and the cost of base works and preparations are on you)

Please hear me loud and clear: Our DIY grass is still super-premium in every way. We haven’t cut corners (we are not selling an imported grass like many others do), the grass is made for golf and the grass is manufactured in Australia.

So it’s long lasting, way easier to install and easier to maintain.

A beautiful DIY green built by one of our clients

I can't do DIY!!

If you're not interested in a DIY project we can certainly help you. We install golf greens all over Australia and can create a masterpiece in your backyard.

We cover Melbourne, Sydney and SE Queensland fairly extensively and can travel outside of these areas on a job-by-job basis. Please continue to learn more.

Just so you're sure: Our full install service is premium service. If you're working to a super-tight budget then your best bet will be DIY.

Our installers are real professionals who have a background in golf and golf green building. We have hand-picked the very best installers so each golf green project is finished to the highest standard.

Each full install project requires a site inspection and from here we'll come up with a concept plan and full pricing options.

Supreme Greens has the team to bring your golf dream to reality

Other stuff you can have with your green

Golf Tee

a custom built golf tee is a great addition to your green

These golf tees are awesome for hitting full or partial shots onto your green - in fact, you don't even need a golf green!

Note: The tee pictured is what we are recommending to country golf courses who are having issues with their real life golf tees.

The tee comes with a premium golf tee insert and is then surrounded by a low maintenance synthetic grass. This is the ideal combination to get a brilliant hitting surface (that will hold a tee) and to keep costs to a minimum.

Another note: Some of the commercially available hitting tees can be ultra expensive.

In summary, these tees look awesome, are low maintenance and will finish off your backyard golf practice facility perfectly.

Hitting Net

A hitting net blends into your golf green and allows you to work on your full golf game when complemented with a putting green

Why not add a golf hitting net to your backyard green?

This way you can practise your short game and your long game. We have a range of nets/cages available. And we can absolutely integrate them into your green set up so you have everything at your fingertips.

Like anything, there are some more economical ways of getting a golf hitting cage or we can certainly customise something high end for those who like the best. We can even create full commercial hitting/warm up nets for golf clubs.


A bunker adds a new dimension while also allowing you to master your bunker shots

If you have the room you might want to consider a golf bunker (or two). The bunker will obviously allow you to practise your sand shots, but it can also transform your backyard into and amazing set-up.

The bunker stands out and gives your property the right golf feel.

Our bunkers are created properly and come with,

  • the right sand
  • the right drainage (very important)
  • the right design and shape (also important)


We can also landscape your property so your new golf green fits in perfectly. Just some of what we can do;

  • Softscaping
  • Retaining walls
  • Garden beds
  • Water features
  • Irrigation systems
  • Basketball/soccer/handball/play courts

The sky really is the limit with what we can do.

How much do they cost?

There are two options to consider:

DIY - If you have a small budget and are a little bit handy around the house, our DIY option is ideal. We supply you with the essentials of grass (putting and fringe), cups, flags, joining tape and a comprehensive DIY install guide free with all DIY orders.

You supply the base materials & infill and perform the installation yourself. Please consider a local landscaper/installer to give you a hand. We have had clients all over Australia use locals to assist in the construction phase if they are not confident in doing all the work themselves.

Pricing for DIY kits start at around $1,250 + GST and freight. Very hard to give an accurate price without knowing the full size of your project.

Full Install - Looking for something truly amazing and you have the right amount of room (over 100m2)?

Our premium service has your name on it and we can create almost anything to suit your property. This includes, but certainly not limited to;

  • Large green with short game complex (bunker(s) & fringe surround)
  • Backyard golf course consisting of, large green with many hole locations, multiple teeing grounds and bunkers)
  • Par 3 course - multiple greens and teeing grounds
  • Putting course - a fun and challenging course that can meander around your property

The sky really is the limit here and you're only limited by your budget and imagination.

The only way to get a firm price is to arrange on site inspection with us. We'll visit your property, discuss your ideas and potentially come up with some newer ideas. It's all about coming up with something that offers wow factor but also matches your needs.

Some golfers are looking for the ultimate golf practice environment, while others are looking at something more fun for the kids. There are many options and we'd like to discuss them all with you.

As a guide, pricing is typically in the $250-$300 per sqm range, but can vary greatly depending on what you want.

So, if your proposed golf green is going to be 150m2, then your ballpark cost is going to be $37,500 - $45,000 + GST.

Again, this is a premium service. If you have a smaller backyard, please consider our DIY Kits.

* pricing is offered as a guide only. All jobs are different and therefore it can be hard to give accurate pricing straight off the bat. Please use the form at the end of this information sheet and we can discuss further.

A DIY Green that's truly amazing.

What about a site inspection?

Keen to get your own backyard golf green but need some advice and ideas? This isn't a problem. We we can come visit you onsite, discuss your dream set up, and then come up with concepts and ideas to bring your dream to life!

This is a paid service, but you get our best ideas and concepts and if you decide to proceed with Supreme Greens to complete the install, the fee is deducted off your final price.

Please note: We don't do free site inspections. We can offer you some price ideas prior to inspection. Please continue to learn more.

Please note: Site inspection fee can vary depending on your location.

Are you interested in your own backyard golf green?

Is there a guarantee?

The grass is guaranteed for seven years from manufacturing defects and issues. I’ve also spoken directly with the manufacturer about the lifespan of the green. Here’s what they have to say: “This grass is designed to last. It has extreme UV protection and can withstand everything our Aussie weather can throw at them. Wet, dry, ice and heat are no problems. With normal use our testing has shown that a typical green will last 15-20 years before it will need replacing.”

Obviously these numbers are a guide but I can provide my own personal experience here. I had a 180m2 green and I used it everyday. I hit thousands and thousands of shots into it and there was never a pitch or scuff mark on the thing.  The green copped all sorts of weather conditions. Flash flooding, extreme heat and even a brief ice event. At all times, the green was playable right away. There were never any issues.

My green even stood up to some punishment from a stray horse and there was barely a mark on the thing. I have since moved house but popped in 6 months after leaving and discovered the green hadn’t received much love. I gave a quick clean and brush and to my amazement, the green was as good as ever. The ball rolled beautifully and performed like it was new.

When it comes to our full install service, we like to work with you to ensure the green is amazing. We take the time to understand what it is you're after and we do our best to deliver.

And we are not happy unless you are. Sometimes this means a return visit or two to get the little things just right. At the end of the day, we stand behind our work and do everything in our power to over-deliver.

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