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"Here's some very important information about synthetic golf greens"

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- Sunshine Coast, QLD, founder Supreme Greens

Dear Friend,

Thanks for taking the time to fill out the form. It appears that you're ideally suited to a DIY backyard golf green. Below you'll find all the necessary information about synthetic grass and how to go about installing your very own synthetic green.

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The questions I want to help you answer are...

Is a putting green a viable option for you?

Is a synthetic green realistic enough?

How hard is DIY?

What is all this going to cost?

Plus lots more.

If you have any burning questions please let me know.

Here's some of the basic information that you need to know right off the bat.

Not all synthetic grasses are the same. You can purchase cheap grass from the hardware store or you can get something that has been made exclusively for golf.

The choice is yours.

Personally, if you're even remotely serious, you'd look at a grass that's made for golf. These new generation grasses look fantastic and they perform amazingly well.

And this is what Supreme Greens is all about. We pride ourselves on delivering the very best in synthetic grass technology for golf.

- Run at 10 on the Stimpmeter
- Chip, pitch and spin the ball (and no pitch marks!)
- Low maintenance (only minutes of work per month)
- Long lasting (will perform consistently well for 15+ years)
- UV protected to withstand our harsh Aussie climate
- Special DIY product that's easy to install that comes with user guide
- Pet proof
- Guaranteed (backed by a group of local Australian family businesses)

DIY Option

We have developed a new grass that is easier to install but also provides a great surface to putt and chip onto. I have spent considerable time testing this product and I am thrilled with how it performs. I'm sure you'll love it too and enjoy many hours in your backyard improving your golf game.

Our grass comes in 3.66m widths and is priced at $197.64 per lineal metre. That works out to be $54m2. While this grass can be installed on any hard and flat surface, the majority of clients will be installing onto bare ground.

Please note: If you order quickly (within 30 days) we offer an immediate 10% discount.

You have two options here:

1. Use a crusher dust base and compact and level to suit. This is the cheaper and easier option.

2. Use a bedding sand (river sand is ideal) and compact and level to suit. This offers a better base that more readily absorbs the impact of lofted golf balls. (with our DIY grass you can hit lofted shots from up to 10 metres)

Note: If you're installing onto a balcony or other hard surface, you'll need a special glue which we can provide. Also, you may need a different synthetic grass for your application. Please contact me for more info.

In both instances you'll need an infill. In most cases, you can get away with a white washed sand (especially if you're primarily putting and hitting short chips). If you're after something more playable for all golf shots then you should consider our Profill infill.

This is a special infill that doesn't compact as much as sand and requires less maintenance. Profill is our premium offering when it comes to an infill and ensures best performance over the long term.

Infill requirements: 15kg per square metre. (you can get away with a little less if you're after a green speed that is less than 10 on the Stimp)

White sand can be obtained from any local supply store (ballpark price is $80m3)

Profill comes in 25kg bags and are $25 each. It's almost always easier to get Profill transported as 25kg bags unless you have forklift at your end, then it can be sent in 1 to 1.5 tonne bulka bags (a slight discount for ordering a bulka bag).

We also recommend our fringe grass to install around the outside. This gives your green a much better finish and also provides an area to chip from. Our fringe grass comes in 3.66m widths and is priced at $146.40 per lineal metre or $40 per square metre.

My strongest recommendation is going for the largest green your budget allows. Nobody has ever complained about their green being too big, most wish they had chosen larger. Your next step is to work out how much grass you actually need. You should always allow for some wastage and for best results use some graph paper and draw your ideal green to scale. From here it's straight forward to figure out what you need. Note: grass comes in 3.66m widths.

Please note: We supply a minimum of 2 lineal metres and don't ship half or quarter metre lengths. I.e. If you think you'll need 7.5 lineal metres you'll need to order 8.

Just so you're sure: We only cut the grass to length. We don't cut the exact shape or design - this is your job :). If you can send me an email with the following I'll get back to you with some pricing:

1. How much DIY grass you need (how many lineal metres?)
2. How much fringe grass you need? (lineal metres)
3. How many cups and mini flags you require? (most golfers have 3 or 4 or each)
4. Are you interested in Profill or are you happy to go with a washed sand?

We also have a DIY Guide, including videos. These are sent to you once your order has been received.

If all this seems a bit tricky (or you're not sure), please contact me with the dimensions of your proposed green and I'll work out the best option for you.

In most cases cups and mini-flags (standard) come to less than $200. If you're after platinum versions then the price is typically between $500 - $800

Standard cups - $25 each
Standard mini flags (standard) - $45 each
Platinum cups - $150 each (these are expensive but truly are the best option)
Mini Flags Deluxe - $77 each (black and white checkered flags that look great)

Finally, I can't quote an accurate shipping fee until I know exactly what your order will be. Once I know what you're after I'll calculate a freight fee and get back to you.

Another option:

Over the last 12 months we've been working with clients who are using local landscapers to do the install. This has two huge benefits:

  1. You get a professional to do the work for you.
  2. It's cost effective because the local contractor isn't paying for flights and accommodation

And so far this has been really successful. I'm happy to chat to your local landscaper and provide our DIY guide. This option works really well and is an alternative if you think the build could be a little daunting.

All you have to do is order the grass and let the local bloke get to work!

If you're unsure about anything, please call me directly on 0403372261 to discuss.

One more thing: All prices mentioned are subject to GST. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks again for your interest and I hope I can help you get your very own putting green soon.

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Full Install

Our full install option is typically for golf greens that are 75m2 and larger. And our absolute starting price for install is somewhere around the $6,000 to $7,000 mark.

Price is influenced by all sorts of things, including,

  • Your location
  • Size of green
  • Any access issues

Our install service is a premium option for those looking for the very best. Our elite grasses are the absolute best when it comes to synthetic grass for golf. If you have the room and the budget, it's now possible to own your own putting green that mimics the playing characteristics of the very best golf greens you've ever played on.

Just for starters:

  • Australian made synthetic grass that has been made exclusively for golf
  • Have the ability to hit full lofted shots (from 100m+) onto the green have the ball stop and spin
  • Special install techniques that ensure the green is low maintenance but long lasting
  • Perfect playing surface that is unmatched with respect to performance and longevity
  • An Australia-wide service (we pretty much travel anywhere)

The next step

If you're considering a full install golf green the very best idea is to fill in your details on this page. From here, I'll get back to you with some pricing and we can go from there.

If you want to speak with me directly then please call me on 0403 372 261.

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