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Here's some important information about synthetic golf greens

From The Desk Of Cameron Strachan
- Sunshine Coast, QLD, founder Supreme Greens

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Thanks for your time. Your results show you're well suited to our full install option and I want to give you all the necessary information about making the right decision.

Note: I have sent you a link to our industry leading report via email. That should arrive within 5 minutes.

In particular, I want to help you make an informed decision about a full install with Supreme Greens.

Here's some of the basic information that you need to know right off the bat.

Not all synthetic grasses are the same. You can purchase cheap grass from the hardware store (they are horrible) or you can get something that has been made exclusively for golf.

The choice is yours.

Personally, if you're even remotely serious, you'd look at a grass that's made exclusively for golf. These new generation grasses look fantastic and they perform amazingly well.

And this is what Supreme Greens is all about. We pride ourselves on delivering the very best in synthetic grass technology for golf.

- Run at 10 on the Stimpmeter
- Chip, pitch and spin the ball (and no pitch marks!)
- Hit full lofted shots and have the ball stop from 100m+
- Low maintenance (only minutes of work per month)
- Long lasting (will perform consistently well for 15+ years)
- UV protected to withstand our harsh Aussie climate
- Pet proof
- Made from stable products that are chemical free
- Guaranteed by a group of Australian family businesses who stand behind their product

The list goes on.

The bottom line here is this.

With a Supreme Green install you're not only getting the best product available, you're getting it installed by a team of experts who live and breath this stuff. We don't use subcontractors (like most do) and we understand golf.

It's our mission to deliver a realistic golf green that's low maintenance and will last for years to come.

Your backyard golf green will become your pride and joy. And it's my hope you'll use it often and get years of enjoyment from it (like I do with mine).

My strongest recommendation is going for the largest green your budget allows. Nobody has ever complained about their green being too big, most wish they had chosen larger. Your job is to get back to me and tell me what you're thinking.

A good idea is to map out your "dream" green and send it off to me. And we can go from here.

How much do these things cost?

Good question. If you're looking at the best setup possible, including bunkers, tees and a green of around 145m2 (with fringe) the price is going to be around $25-27K.

A starting price for us can be as little as $8,000 + GST and it goes up from here. Clients have spent upwards of $120,000. Basically, it's almost impossible to give you an accurate ballpark price without speaking with you. Price is determined by,

  • Size of your green
  • Your location
  • Access issues
  • And extras like bunkers and tees

If you'd like to speak to me directly please call on 0403372261. Alternatively, fill in the form by clicking the link below.

Thanks again for your interest and let me know if I can help,



Founder of

Even more info...

Our full install option is typically for golf greens that are 75m2 and larger. And our absolute starting price for install is somewhere around the $6,000 to $7,000 mark.

Price is influenced by all sorts of things, including,

  • Your location
  • Size of green
  • Any access issues

Our install service is a premium option for those looking for the very best. Our elite grasses are the absolute best when it comes to synthetic grass for golf. If you have the room and the budget, it's now possible to own your own putting green that mimics the playing characteristics of the very best golf greens you've ever played on.

Just for starters:

  • Australian made synthetic grass that has been made exclusively for golf
  • Have the ability to hit full lofted shots (from 100m+) onto the green have the ball stop and spin
  • Special install techniques that ensure the green is low maintenance but long lasting
  • Perfect playing surface that is unmatched with respect to performance and longevity
  • An Australia-wide service (we pretty much travel anywhere)


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