Vital Information About Synthetic Golf Greens

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Everything You Need To Know Before Purchasing
A Synthetic Golf Green

Tips, tricks and inside information on getting the best synthetic golf grass for your needs. Industry insider reveals all...

  • 1

    Why not all synthetic grass is the same

    Buyer Beware: Not all synthetic grass is the same. Choose wisely because some synthetic golf grass has a fatal flaw.

  • 2

    How much do they cost?

    Find out how much a "proper" synthetic golf green is going to cost.

  • 3

    The world's best synthetic golf grass

    Discover the only grass that has been manufactured specifically for golf. This soft, yet incredibly tough, grass has to be seen to be believed.

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    Do you go with DIY or full install?

    Work out the best option for you. Save time and money and make the right decision.

  • 5

    The biggest mistake we see people make

    Avoid this green destroying (and costly) mistake at all costs.