Synthetic Golf Green Images

Below you’ll find an extensive photo gallery of just some of the synthetic golf greens we’ve installed (or supplied grass for). When it comes to the design of your green please note that almost anything is possible. The main determining factor is cost and then your imagination. If you have any questions please contact us. Please click the thumbnail image to see description of each green.

You can also view our comprehensive Instagram images for more.

You can also view a number of golf green case studies at this link.

I have also put together a comprehensive photo gallery of my set-up over here. Check it out…

Update: more golf green images have been added here too.

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  • Peter Brown

    Reply Reply December 18, 2016

    Please advise on the following;
    1. I currently have a synthetic green ( having trouble with mould )
    2. Do you supply an appropriate mould remover
    3. also you advertise a new type of synthetic green ( what is it )
    4. My current synthetic green is approximately 10mts x 10mts What would be the approximate cost to replace it with your new type golf synthetic material.
    Cell no 0408354979

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