"Here's some very important information about synthetic golf greens"

Why synthetic golf greens?

A properly installed synthetic golf green brings the magic of golf, learning, family & friends together in your backyard, everyday.

When I first looked into the possibility of a synthetic golf green, I was skeptical. The first models I had seen were terrible. Way too hard and fast and not something I thought would work for me.

But I hung in there because a real-life golf green was proving to be a mission. The watering, mowing and all the chemicals required to keep it alive was going to be practically impossible to maintain (and keep alive).

But then I got lucky...

... I found an Aussie-made synthetic solution that ticked all the boxes.

  • Made for golf
  • Long lasting
  • Low maintenance
  • Looked fantastic
  • Ability to hit chips/pitches/and full shots onto it
  • Proper warranty and guarantees
  • Australian made

So I bit the bullet and took the plunge (I was still a little skeptical but around 12 months research gave me some confidence that this Aussie technology was the real deal).

Fast forwards a month or so.

My new synthetic green was totally awesome. It rolled beautifully day after day. It was low maintenance and easy to care for. And I could hit lofted shots onto it and watch the ball spin and stop. I hit thousands and thousands of balls onto that green and it never stopped being a delight to use.

And initially I wanted a golf green so I could practice from home and coach my golf clients.

But then, I realised, my golf green became the focal point of our property. It stood out (for all the right reasons) and I was able to spend time with my family there. Each day, with a beer in hand, I could play golf and share wonderful times with the wife and kids. I would putt balls while my daughter played in the bunker. Our dog would run around while my wife and I chipped balls and talked about our work day. When golfing mates came around we could hit balls onto the green and solve the problems of the world (usually over a beer).

The green became so much more than just golf. It became a place where the most important people in my life could connect and enjoy golf in the Aussie sun. It worked perfectly and was a dream come true for me.

Since that time I’ve become the owner of the business and I want to share this amazing product with as many golfers as possible from around Australia.

On the next few pages I’ll share the most important information I’ve gleaned from digging deep into this synthetic grass technology.

I want golfers everywhere, to experience the same joy as me. And just maybe, you can lower your handicap and fix that wonky putting stroke too.

Do these synthetic greens offer a pure roll?

Absolutely. And because the grass is perfect (ideal manufacturing process) you get a better roll on these synthetic golf greens. In saying this, one needs to use proper install techniques and there is some maintenance...

... but you'll get an amazing roll on your backyard green and this can only help you with getting the most from your backyard practice.

Check out this video below to see how well the ball can roll on one of our greens.

A pure roll ...

And on the next page I'm going to share with you some of the most important considerations when it comes to synthetic golf greens. Ignore these crucial tips at your peril! Click the button to continue.

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My awesome putting green