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Warning! Not all synthetic golf greens are the same. While most will look fantastic, some have a terrible design flaw that will cause your golf green to become too hard and fast. This can be a costly mistake that renders your green useless and/or costs you thousands of dollars more in yearly maintenance costs.

This is just one tip that has been presented in a new report called The Truth About Synthetic Golf Grass. If you're an avid golfer and are looking for the best golf playing surface possible, then this report has been written for you.

It helps educate you on rookie mistakes, tips and tricks and the ins and outs of getting your very own synthetic golf green. It will also help explain why traditional golf greens probably aren't going to be a viable option for you and offers alternatives. There's a tonne of information presented in this booklet and it's all free. All you have to do is enter your email address into the box and you'll be sent a copy immediately.

  • How to choose the perfect golf green for you
  • How to save thousands of dollars
  • How to avoid costly and time consuming mistakes
  • How to get the most realistic and playable golf green available
  • Discover the maintenance free option that allows you to play more

The Supreme Green

The most realistic synthetic golf green on the market. Find out what else it can do over here.


"This golf green is amazing ... so much fun. You need to get involved!"
-- David Wiltshire, serious golf enthusiast, Melbourne

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