Please select the option below which best describes your golf green project

DIY Green/Budget Golf Green

This is our only option for those wanting a synthetic green less than 100m2. Simply, you can purchase our premium grass from us, we'll forward you our comprehensive DIY Install Guide and you are free to complete the green construction in your own time.

Budget & DIY

Golfscapes and concepts for those with a higher budget

For the ultimate in backyard golf greens, Golfscapes are for those with bigger budgets and looking for premium all the way, built by professional golf green builders. Pricing is in the range of $250-$300 per sqm as a guide but can vary depending on final requirements and isĀ  typically for those looking for a larger golf green (100sqm +), choose this option if you are looking for something truly amazing and want the full service. All pricing is a guide and is subject to a site inspection.

Golfscape/Large green