Don't Even Think About Getting Your Own Synthetic Golf Green
Until You Read This Important Message

Getting a synthetic golf green that reacts like a normal green ...

The very first synthetic golf greens I saw were pretty awful. They looked OK, but they didn't really perform that well for golf shots.

  • They were way too fast
  • And way too hard

It was like putting on glass and just forget about hitting lofted shots onto them. The ball would bounce away, like it had hit concrete.

When I moved into my dream property on the Sunshine Coast and managed to convince the Minister of Everything t0 let me build a golf green, I didn't ever consider getting the synthetic variety.

But herein lies a problem.

Real grass greens are extremely expensive - expensive to build and just as expensive to maintain. A green keeper friend of mine told me to forget about a golf green and make do without one.

At this point I went back to Google to search for "synthetic golf greens", now knowing that a fake golf green was my only option. I didn't hold out much hope but was surprised to see lots of suppliers of these types of products.

All of the suppliers sounded the same. They all promised realistic golf surfaces and often for the lowest price. But I'm a keen golfer and playability was the most important concern - if the thing didn't work well I wasn't interested, no matter the price.

But there was no information aimed specifically at golfers:

- do these synthetic greens work like real greens?
- can you spin and control the ball?
- do they putt any good?
- what sort of maintenance is required?
- what do they cost?

I had lots of questions but there weren't a lot of answers. Then I got lucky...

... Bruce Warwick is a pioneer of synthetic grass here in Australia. He knows as much about synthetic grass as anyone and has performed a wide range of grass applications all over Australia (and parts of the world). When I meet Bruce he started giving me the answers I was looking for.

  • Most synthetic grasses come from China and aren't made for the Australian climate
  • Most golf grasses come from hockey and lawn bowls and are too hard and fast for golf
  • Many installers have great landscape experience but very little to do with golf

I learned that Bruce had pioneered the development of a realistic synthetic golf green - both in the design/construction phase as well as the grass itself. Bruce has worked closely with Australian manufacturers of synthetic grass to produce a grass that mimics the characteristics of a real grass green.

Long story short: Bruce built me an amazing golf green on my property. I was skeptical but Bruce's green did everything he said it would - to be honest it has performed better than I could imagine. It putts well and lofted shots land and spin. I can practice a whole array of shots and my green gives me hours of enjoyment.

And there's virtually no serious maintenance required. It really is amazing.

Why should you do business with Supreme Greens?

I have become so excited about Bruce's product that I pleaded with him to let me work with him so I could tell more golfers about it. This is why I built the Supreme Green website.

Yes, we'd love to sell you a Supreme Green one day. But first and foremost we'd like to provide you all the relevant information, so you can make an informed decision. This website contains every bit of information I can think of that is relevant for golfers. We have videos, images, FAQs and an article page that's updated regularly. I have also written a short booklet that covers all the basics of synthetic grass products. You can download a copy by entering your details below.

If you view all this information and choose another supplier that is fine with us - we hope our site has been helpful.

We're excited about working with people who believe in synthetic grass as much as we do. Grass technology has come a long way in recent times, and Bruce has his finger on the pulse and is continually striving to enhance and improve the product line. For 25 years he has obsessed over every detail of synthetic grass and has come up with something really special.

If you're looking for a putting green that has been designed specifically for golf then we'd like to talk to you. There's no pressure or hard sell with us, we let the Supreme Green do the talking.

The starting point is to read our free report and/or check out our informative website.

Thanks for your time,

Cameron Strachan
Golf Consultant for Supreme Greens

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