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New-generation "golf specific" synthetic grass is now in Australia. This amazing grass lets anyone, including you, own your very own realistic and low-maintenance putting green.

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    If you're the "handy" type you're probably comfortable in getting your grass supplied and building the green yourself. We have a specific DIY grass which makes self install as simple as possible. We also have a DIY Guide that we can send you.

    If you're not the handy type, please check the Full Install Option.

    Please note: If you're interested in having us come to your property for inspection and design ideas, there may be a fee associated for travel costs/design - please contact us for more info.
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Warning! Not all synthetic golf greens are the same. While most will look fantastic, some have a terrible design flaw that will cause your golf green to become too hard and fast. This can be a costly mistake that renders your green useless and/or costs you thousands of dollars more in yearly maintenance costs.

Worse, most "golf" grass isn't really golf grass at all. They are hybrids from hockey or lawn bowls and they really aren't that good for golf.

Supreme Green grass is Australian made golf made exclusively for golf. You get a perfect roll (the ball will roll at about 10 on the Stimp) and you can even hit lofted shots onto these greens. They truly are amazing.

This site has been created to help serious golfers make an informed decision. Don't guess and hope for the best. Let us help you get the ultimate golf green and make your backyard something really special (and you'll improve your game at the same time).

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  • Realistic synthetic golf grass that's made in Australia
  • Runs at 10 on the Stimp day after day
  • Low maintenance
  • DIY and full install available
  • Hit lofted chip, pitches and even full shots (no pitch marks ever!)
  • Made for the harsh Australian climate - won't fade, shrink or warp!
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Australia-wide Service

We service all parts of Australia. Whether you're looking for full install or supply only. We've got you covered. Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth or anywhere in between. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

The Supreme Green

The most realistic synthetic golf green on the market. Find out what else it can do over here.


"This golf green is amazing ... so much fun. You need to get involved!"
-- David Wiltshire, serious golf enthusiast, Melbourne

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