Commercial Putt Putt/Mini Golf Facility

Please watch the video below to learn more about our putt putt/mini golf courses. If you're keen to chat you can enter your details below and we'll arrange a time to chat.

Mini Golf Earnings Calculator

So how much revenue can these mini golf courses generate? Have a play around with our mini golf calculator below. If you get the course and the marketing done well, these courses can become a real cash machine!  


Why Choose Us?

We have hit the Australian mini golf/putt putt/non traditional golf construction game with a fair bang. Our background was all things synthetic golf greens and we do that very well. And because we have some of the best designers and installers in Australia, it has been a fun and exciting progression into mini golf. Here's why we're making waves and got many in the golf industry talking about is.

1. We use Australian made synthetic grass. Why? Because it's the best. We have partnered with a local manufacturer who takes pride in their product. These grasses are made for our Aussie climate so they won't shrink, fade or disintegrate. We can't say the same thing for those grasses that don't come from here (even some of those really expensive ones)

2. Our incredible team can do all phases of construction. This means you get to deal with one team from start to finish - so this means you can focus on running your business instead of dealing with a range of different tradies. It's just way easier and simpler.

3. Our team are super clever. Whether you're after an amazing design, concept drawings, excavation work, plumbing and drainage, golf course construction, bunker construction, tee construction, lighting, building works, concreting, synthetic grass laying and golf green building, we have the right person for the job.

4. We like to work with you and not against. We understand that a fully functional mini golf course (or similar) is a serious investment. And we appreciate that all clubs will be working to a budget and you'll want to maximise that budget. For this reason, we like to work with you closely. And we are experts at tweaking the design and helping you save $$$$ where it's possible. And just maybe, you have your own members or contacts who can assist in the process and we can make all this happen without a fuss.

5. We are super price competitive. We are not the cheapest. But, we are far from the most expensive mini golf construction team in Australia. Time and time again we are hearing that our prices are coming in at over half of some of the big boys. And we reckon our concepts stack up too. So, if you don't like overpaying then please contact us today and we can give you some price ideas.

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