The Next Step: Get some pricing ideas for Your Mini Golf/Commercial Golf Facility Setup

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A stress-free approach to getting a quote

Thanks for checking out my website. I wanted to give you a little bit more information about the process for receiving a quote. And because this is probably the first time you've considered a mini golf course or commercial facility, I thought I'd share how I operate.

Here's how it works:

There is virtually no relevant information about synthetic grass and mini golf anywhere.

So this website has been set-up to be the most educational synthetic golf grass website going around. At least I hope so!

So instead of sending pushy and high pressure salespersons your way, you have the option of digesting everything I know from the comfort of your own home/office. You can make a decision based on information, not sales tactics.

Ready for some pricing? Great, here's how it works...

To get the ball rolling you simply tell me what you're after. The size of your area helps determine the exact quantity of grass required for your facility, and how big you should go (9 holes, 18 holes etc) and from here I can work out the best way of helping you. So please tell me what you have in mind (don't hold back). If you're unsure, that's ok too! I can call to discuss with you some options.

Please note: Full install of a full commercial mini golf facility by my team doesn't come cheaply. Price starts from around $500,000 for a fully concreted facility and goes up from there (we do have cheaper non-concrete options available). Our install team are amazing and we have already produced some unbelievable courses. We put our heart and soul into each project.

I will get back to you via phone or email with some initial costings and ideas. This is also the time when I may ask for extra information and even request some photos to determine the specifics for your facility. Pricing received at this stage is a guide and subject to site inspection.

There's no high pressure sales calls. You're in the driver's seat and you'll be given all your options in terms of site inspection and any costings to proceed to the next stage.  If you're ready to start the ball rolling please fill in the details on the form and hit the "Yes! I'd like to learn more about your Mini Golf courses" button and I'll be in touch soon.

If you don't like web forms and would like to speak directly to me (Cameron), please call 0403 372 261. Please call during business hours (I'm located in SE Queensland).

Thanks for checking out Supreme Greens and be sure to let me know if you have any questions.