Welcome to the Supreme Greens golf green page. Here we will give you all the information you need for your backyard golf green project.....

With full install teams located across the eastern seaboard, we have the team to complete your Full Install. These will be premium all the way and pricing will be in the vicinity of $250-$300 + GST per sqm. These are what we like to call "Golfscapes", and are on larger scale projects and for those who want the best of the best!

I don't have the budget for a Golfscape?

Don't worry. We can still service our clients who have a lower budget ($1,000 - $5,000 + GST) and are looking for a smaller backyard golf green. We offer a DIY kit which is ideal for those clients who are on a tighter budget. For those who are a little handy, they can complete the DIY themselves, or for those a little less handy on the tools, you can engage a local landscaper to help you out. We also offer interest free options to eligible clients. Please ask us for more information if you’re interested in Interest Free.

I'm interested to learn more, what's the next step?

The best place to start is our Golf Greens page. There is a heap of information on our grasses and what’s involved in our full install or DIY service.

We have also created a page on our DIY kits. On this page you will learn everything you need to know about purchasing a DIY kit and there's also handy links to pages such as some hints and tips on completing the install yourself. There's also a select few DIY Kits available for immediate purchase. Click here to learn more.

We can also provide a custom quote if the kits selected aren't suitable, or you have something specific you want to achieve. Please click the button below for a custom quote, remembering to provide as much information as possible to assist us for your quote.

As an added bonus, for a limited time, all DIY orders and all full install clients who order a Site Inspection will receive a Free Holiday*.

There's also a list of FAQ's at the bottom of the page.

*Terms, conditions and minimum order quantities apply

More info on DIY kits
More info on “Golfscapes”
  • Q.Are these golf greens realistic?

    A.Yes. Our grasses have been made for golf and are as realistic as possible.

  • Q.Can I play lofted shots onto them?

    A.Yes. This is our main point of difference from competitors. We do have “putting only” greens if you don’t want lofted shot capabilities.

  • Q.How durable is the grass?

    A.Very. We use an incredibly high stitch rate in our grass which helps reduce wear and tear. With normal use, greens will last 10+ years.

  • Q.Is the grass protected from the elements?

    A.Yes. The grass is made for our tough Aussie climate. It can withstand extreme heat, cold, ice, and rain. There’s almost nothing the grass can’t handle.

  • Q.Is the grass pet proof?

    A.Yes, absolutely. Just wash offending material from surface.

  • Q.Does the grass get really hot?

    A.The grass can get hot in summer, but it has new technology that keeps heat down. We recommend commonsense apply and wear shoes in hot weather. The grass can be cooled instantly with a quick spray of water.

  • Q.Is the grass safe from nasty chemicals etc?

    A.Yes. Our grass is made here in Australia to the highest standards and with the most stable and safe raw materials possible.

  • Q.How fast do these greens roll?

    A.We like to get the green speed to 9.5 – 10 on the Stimpmeter. This is a really good speed that mimics most golf courses. The green speed can be altered if needed by applying different amounts of infill.

  • Q.What is the maintenance like?

    A.Day to day maintenance is removing debris from the grass and using a stiff broom to smooth out surface. In most cases, maintenance can be achieved in a few minutes per week.

  • Q.How hard is DIY install?

    A.We have made it as easy as possible. If you follow our instructions you won’t have any issues. You receive our comprehensive DIY guide on completion of your order.

  • Q.Can I see some samples of DIY?

    A.Yes. Please visit our website and Instagram pages. Click Here

  • Q.Is there a warranty?

    A.Yes. A full 7-year warranty applies to our products and is backed by Australian family businesses. This is a real warranty by the way. Essentially, we stand behind our product (and so does our manufacturer) and work hard, every day, to exceed your expectations.

  • Q.I'm interested, what’s the next step?

    A.Please click the button below and fill in the short survey.

  • Q.I'd like a golf net too. Is this something you can help with?

    A.Yes. We have a great golf net and hitting tee package.

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  • We need your postcode so we can factor in shipping.
  • It's best you keep your green in multiples of 3.7m wide (this is the width of grass) or slightly less (because this minimises wastage). Our most popular size is 3.7m wide by 8 metres long. You can attach a basic drawing of your green below (recommended).
  • Fringe grass gives your green an extra dimension. Not only does it finish off your green nicely, it gives a quality area to chip and pitch from. A popular idea is to add a 1m fringe at each end.
  • If so, how many would you like? In most cases 3 or 4 are ideal
    By clicking this box I understand that minimum order quantity is 3 lineal metres (3.7m x 3m) and all pricing is subject to GST and freight. I have included all dimensions of my proposed golf green so you can provide an accurate quote. I also understand you may phone/email me to discuss further.
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