"From 40+ Putts per round to ...
... 29 (or less) in a few hours"

From the desk of:
Cameron Strachan

Author, golf coach, putting expert & founder of SupremeGreens.com.au
Somewhere west of Brisbane, QLD

Dear Golfer,

This is just one case study of many from a revolutionary new putting system created by one of the world’s leading golf performance experts.

This system does not promise you that YOU will be able to duplicate this speed. But it does promise you this:

You can improve your putting in 14 days!

And it doesn’t matter how bad you think your putting is. No matter how many 3 putts you have or even if you yip and flinch, feel like vomiting over yourself and:

  • putt with fear or self-doubt. Maybe you’re so anxious you have trouble taking the putter away from the ball
  • miss all of those short putts and can feel the anger and frustration building as you move around the course
  • find yourself overwhelmed by tension after wasting stroke after stroke
  • still putt badly despite playing for many years, taking lots of lessons and owning many putters.

Let me repeat this fact:  14 days is the outside limit it will take you to improve your putting with this system – or it costs you nothing!

What is the minimum time you can expect? Because this putting system is based on how we actually learn new skills (no complicated theories), results happen quickly.

It’s not unusual for golfers to experience vastly better performance the first time out. Give things a week or two and you’ll likely be a different golfer. And just like the headline says, you could go from hopeless (40+ putts per round) to under 30 the next time you play.


14 days! 14 short days! 14 incredibly rewarding days! Two tiny weeks to a new confidence, lower scores and better putting performance you’ve been dreaming about.

You can learn to maximise your putting performance in 14 days! All you have to do is commit.

Why? Because this putting system gives you a Better and Easier Way To Putt That May Surprise Even The Most Frustrated Golfer.

I’m not going to describe the exact methods here (not enough room). You must study for yourself to realise their full power. But I will say this:

After just a few minutes, even before you head to a golf green, will convince you of the overwhelming information contained within.

What you learn in the first few pages is that there’s no such thing as perfect technique and trying to find it is the worst thing you can do.

When you learn – a few pages later – that your inbuilt learning system is perfectly capable of improved putting you’ll never be confused or frustrated with putting again.

“Cameron Strachan turned my putting from the weakest link into my strongest.

“Using Cameron’s technique has helped me become a successful putter which in turn has enabled me to win professional golf tournaments.

“I believe that Cameron’s Perfect Putting E-book will help you improve your putting and turn it into your greatest strength”.

Aaron Baddeley, PGA Star

When you realise that you have all the talent and skill inside you and there’s absolutely no need to rebuild your technique, change putters or have lots of expensive golf lessons. And it doesn’t matter how discouraged you feel or how hard you’ve tried previously – you can make significant change without spending hours on the practice green.

Read that again: “you can make significant change without spending hours on the practice green.”

And read this sentence:

“Acute nervousness begins to subside in a few days”

And this:

“You don’t have to prepare yourself to get worse before you get better” (like a lot of other golf instructions).

And this:

“Your entire golf game can actually improve when you fix your putting game”

And this:

“Reading greens is no harder than looking at a person and tossing a ball to them”

And -above all- read this:

“…no matter how poorly you’ve been putting and how much you think you’ve got no talent or hope, your natural learning system can (and will) find your best putting ability.”

When you treat putting like any other skill and work with your learning system and not against, you can light your game on fire. There’s no need to rebuild your putting stroke, spend hours and hours on the practice putting green or go out and buy a new putter.

When you tap into your inner learning system YOU can putt better. And it doesn’t take any longer than a few short weeks.

My guarantee is simple:

Improve your putting in a maximum of 14 days … or you get every cent of your money back.

There is nothing else to say. You know your game is being sabotaged by poor putting. You now know what you can look forward to – and all in just 14 days or less!

The Look & Shoot Putting E-book

One Last Word:

If you play once per week and take more than 33 putts per round then you’re costing yourself at a bare minimum 200+ strokes per year. Chances are this number is closer to 300. Imagine what it would be like to take 300 strokes from your score next year?

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