Book Your Own GolfScape Consultation/Site Inspection with us

Get the ideal golf green, including the best design that will suit your budget and property.

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Get the very best golf green for your property

Want the best possible golf green? Then book in a site inspection with our golf green consultants

If you're after the very best golf green for your property, then a Golfscape Consultation with our team is what you need. Here's what's involved...

We'll come to your property, and walk you through all the options of getting the very best golf green for your needs. We'll cover things like,

  • The ideal shape and design.
  • The right type of grass to be used
  • The right type of green for your space (putt putt, putting green, fully realistic golf green)
  • All the fringe options
  • The best location and design for your green
  • The ideal hole locations
  • Bunker and tee location/design
  • Any landscaping requirements

We offer you all our expertise so you get the very best golf green possible. We'll take what you've told us, and create a drawing of your proposed green and give you a full rundown on the concept.

Why are you charging for this service?

We don't offer a measure and quote and then give you a price based of a square metre. This is a full consultation where we take the time to go through all the options and give you something truly remarkable.

The site inspection fee is 100% refunded if you choose to move ahead and purchase from us down the track. This step helps us to determine who's serious and who's just shopping around on price.

Also, time and time again, this step actually saves money. If you have a tricky site, want something custom or aren't exactly sure what you need, the site-inspection answers all sorts of questions. And if we were to quote without knowing all the details , invariably we'll build in contingencies and this only adds to the price. So, if you want the best result at the best possible price, then our consultation service is great value for money.

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  • Full design consult

    We’ll come to your property and take all the time necessary to ensure you get the very best possible green for your budget and property.

  • Welcome kit

    You’ll also receive a welcome kit with grass samples and other materials that will help you make an informed decision.

  • Drawing

    After we know what you want, we’ll create a drawing of your proposed green and send it through to you.

Risk Free Purchase

Three more important points:

  1. This site inspection is a highly important step to ensure we know exactly what we're working with. We use the inspection to assess ground condition and access issues and this can save time and money down the track.
  2. We want to work closely with you so you get the very best golf green for your needs. There are a range of products and options that are best discussed on site and really can't be rushed. If you're the kind of person that likes the best and can appreciate great service, then you'll get a lot out of this.
  3. And finally, the site inspection fee is fully refunded back to you when you move ahead and order a golf green from us. The fee helps identify our best customers and ensures our focus and dedication is on them. If you choose not to move ahead from us you'll have received very handy information and an excellent design - so there's really nothing to lose.


  • Make an informed decision

    This step is not to be rushed. We take the time to listen to you and understand exactly what you’re after. We’ll also offer our suggestions and between us, we’ll create a concept that will make your backyard something special. You’ll be in a position to make an informed decision based on information, not sales tactics and marketing hype.

  • Golf gift

    As a little bonus you’ll receive an unadvertised golf gift. There’s no cost or obligation, just a small gift that will help your golf and improve your game.

  • Get a fully customised quote

    No second guessing. No surprises. When we know exactly what you want we can quickly provide you with a firm quotation in a day or so.

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