Yes! I'm interested in a Supreme Greens DIY Kit.

Previously, we offered a nationwide service of installers that we used to service our clients looking for smaller backyard golf greens. For a range of reasons, our business model has now changed.

Moving forward, we will now only be offering a limited team of installers to build our amazing Golfscapes. These will be premium all the way and pricing will be in the vicinity of $250-$300 + GST per sqm.

Golfscapes will be reserved for backyard golf greens starting at around 100m2 and going up from there. We will no longer be offering full installation services for small backyard greens.

Can you still help me with my synthetic golf green requirements even though my green is less than 100m2?

We can still help you if you want a more standard backyard green and you're happy to look at one of our DIY Kits.

We can provide you the synthetic grass (and any accessories) and you can complete the install yourself. We have a comprehensive DIY Guide that walks you through the process of installation and this is sent to you after your order.

I can't do DIY, what are my options?

We have many clients who purchase the grass from us and then engage with a local contractor to complete the installation. This is the best way to get your own backyard green, using premium materials if you can't do the work yourself.

Alternatively, if you think your project will classify as a Golfscape, please click here to proceed to the next step.

I'm interested to learn more, what's the next step?

Please follow the link below and book a time to chat with us. We'll go over your proposed project, give you plenty of design ideas and give you a quotation based on what you tell us.

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  • Q.Are these golf greens realistic?

    A.Yes. Our grasses have been made for golf and are as realistic as possible. If you’re looking for a premium surface you are in the right place.

  • Q.Can I play lofted shots onto them?

    A.Yes. This is our main point of difference from competitors. The grass can absorb the impact of short chip and pitch shots. If you want to play longer shots (more than 35m) then please let us know.

  • Q.How durable is the grass?

    A.Very. We use an incredibly high stitch rate in our grass which helps reduce wear and tear. With normal use, greens will last 10+ years.

  • Q.Is the grass protected from the elements?

    A.Yes. The grass is made for our tough Aussie climate. It can withstand extreme heat, cold, ice, and rain. There’s almost nothing the grass can’t handle.

  • Q.Is the grass pet proof?

    A.Yes, absolutely. Just wash offending material from surface.

  • Q.Does the grass get really hot?

    A.The grass can get hot in summer, but it has new technology that keeps heat down. We recommend commonsense apply and wear shoes in hot weather. The grass can be cooled instantly with a quick spray of water.

  • Q.Is the grass safe from nasty chemicals etc?

    A.Yes. Our grass is made here in Australia to the highest standards and with the most stable and safe raw materials possible. There are NO nasty chemicals.

  • Q.How fast do these greens roll?

    A.We like to get the green speed to 9.5 – 10 on the Stimpmeter. This is a really good speed that mimics most golf courses. The green speed can be altered if needed by applying different amounts of infill. The more infill the faster but we do recommend NOT going too quick because the green will naturally quicken up over time.

    Our experience is that “normal” green speeds work the best. Those that make their green too quick miss out and normally have to slow it down later.

  • Q.What is the maintenance like?

    A.Day to day maintenance is removing debris from the grass and using a stiff broom to smooth out surface. In most cases, maintenance can be achieved in a few minutes per week.

  • Q.How hard is DIY install?

    A.We have made it as easy as possible. If you follow our instructions you won’t have any issues. You receive our comprehensive DIY guide on completion of your order and this walks you through step-by-step.

  • Q.Can I see some samples of DIY?

    A.Yes. Please visit our website and Instagram pages. Click Here

  • Q.Is there a warranty?

    A.Yes. A full 7-year warranty applies to our products and is backed by Australian family businesses. This is a real warranty by the way. Essentially, we stand behind our product (and so does our manufacturer) and work hard, every day, to exceed your expectations.

  • Q.I'm interested, what’s the next step?

    A.Please click the button below and fill in the short survey.

  • Q.I'd like a golf net and mat too. Is this something you can help with?

    A.Yes. We have a great golf net and hitting mat package. Let us know when you fill in the form below if you want any extras.

  • Q.Why a call?

    A.We have found this the best way to share our knowledge and thoughts with you. Call usually lasts no more than 20 minutes.

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