[Special DIY Offer] Get FREE Cups & Flags (value up to $350) With This Easy To Install, Realistic, Low Maintenance & Affordable Backyard Synthetic Golf Green

  • Easy to Install

    New generation synthetic golf grass made specifically for small backyard greens. Easy to install.

  • Play all-year round

    Grass is weather and pet proof so you can play all-year round.

  • Improve your golf

    Improve your putting stroke. Lower your handicap. Practise your chipping.

  • Fun!

    You’ll spend hours on your putting green. I promise. The best present for any golfer.

  • Low maintenance

    Almost zero maintenance. This new grass is incredible and requires only a few minutes per month.

  • Sand infill

    You can use a white-washed sand infill which is considerably cheaper than our Profill option.

  • Long lasting

    This grass can withstand constant use and still roll beautifully.

  • Guaranteed

    Our DIY grass is guaranteed for 7 years.

An Amazing Product For The DIYer who wants the best putting surface possible

Our DIY grass is an amazing new product from Supreme Greens. It has been designed to be the simplest grass to install, while still offering an incredible putting surface.

If you keep your design simple, you can have a fully functioning putting green in your backyard ready to go by the end of the weekend. This grass is easy to cut and simpler to join.

And you can make a huge saving on the infill by obtaining a white washed sand from your local backyard supply store. With our regular grass you need 20kg of infill per square metre, with this new grass you require no more than 15kg per square metre.

  • Play lofted shots to this green and watch the ball spin and stop like a real green (max of around 15m)
  • Putts beautifully. Work on your putting stroke and see your scores come down (10 on the Stimp)
  • Low maintenance. Minor brushing is all that's needed - spend more time playing and less working
  • Amazingly realistic. Just like a real green
  • No pitch marks
  • Practice all parts of your game at anytime
  • Add a bunker, chipping mat and hitting cage for a complete golf green set-up
  • DIY Guide included with your order (including videos)

A beautiful backyard DIY green

  • A beautiful putting surface
  • Practice your putting game and short game from home
  • Ideal for limited space and budgets. Will fit into almost any backyard
  • For 15m2 +
  • Low maintenance. Only minutes per month
  • Even the wife will love it!

A fully functional backyard DIY putting green with chipping fringe

Please note: We supply all over Australia. If you have any questions then please contact us to learn more.

A Special Offer

As a special offer until 5pm 10th October 2017, you can get free standard cups and flags with your order. You'll need to order a minimum of 5 lineal metres of grass and these are for standard cups and standard flags only.

5 lineal metres (5m x 3.71m) - 2 x cups and flags (save $140)
6 lineal metres (6m x 3.71m) - 3 x cups and flags (save $210)
7-9 lineal metres (7-9m x 3.71m) - 4 x cups and flags (save $280)
10+ lineal metres (10 or more meters x 3.71m) - 5 x cups and flags (save $350)

This offer is not available with any other promotions. All pricing is subject to GST and freight costs.

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  • Q.What is this grass all about?

    A.This is a brand new offering from Supreme Greens (we call it DIY Golf Grass) and it has been created to help all golfers get their own backyard synthetic golf green.

    The grass performs exceptionally well but is also way easier to install. For starters, you require less infill (less work and cost) and the grass is simpler to cut and join.

  • Q.Where do you ship to?

    A.We ship all over Australia. Essentially, if you have an address we can get our grass to you.

  • Q.Can I pick up grass from warehouse?

    A.Yes, if you’re in Melbourne you can pick up. There still may be a small postage fee for cups and flags.

  • Q.Do I need joining tape?

    A.Only if you’re joining fringe grass to the green or you have a join in your design.

  • Q.What width does the grass come in?

    A.Grass is 3.71m wide. We recommend keeping your design width to a multiple of 3.71. This cuts down on cutting and makes your life really simple.

  • Q.What base do I need?

    A.With this DIY grass you can use a crusher dust or river sand. DIY Guide is included with this offer.

  • Q.Do I need Profill?

    A.No. You can use a locally sourced white washed sand. This sand is much cheaper than Profill and you’ll pay way less for freight too. Profill has been a deal breaker for many orders and one reason we created a grass that has been designed to be used with a white sand.

  • Q.How hard is it to self-install?

    A.It helps if you’ve got someone handy. If you’ve never held a hammer and aren’t comfortable working outside, then DIY probably isn’t for you. But if you’re the handy type (or know someone who is) then the install isn’t overly hard. Just keep the design basic and you won’t have too many issues.

    We also supply a DIY guide once order has been processed.

  • Q.Are they realistic?

    A.This was always my concern with synthetic. And let me tell you, this DIY grass is amazing.

    I have tested 3 separate greens and they are all awesome. The ball rolls nicely and will even take chip and pitch shots.

  • Q.What is the warranty?

    A.This DIY grass is guaranteed for 7 years.

  • Q.What does freight cost?

    A.Keep in mind that the grass is nearly 4m long and quite heavy. So it needs to go on a large truck. It’s almost impossible to give you a freight price without knowing your exact order and your address. As a guide, please allow somewhere between $150 – $200 for freight. If you’re in the country or a remote area  (WA, country QLD, NSW,VIC etc) freight will be more)