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If you're excited about the thought of owning your own synthetic golf green then you're on the right page. This page will help you find exactly what you need to make an informed decision about your very own synthetic golf/putting green.

If you have any questions about synthetic grass that are not covered below, then please contact us.

Free Report
We have put together a free report that covers all the basics (and some of the advanced) information required before you can make a buying decision. You can get this report by entering your details on this page.

Pricing and cost is important. We have put together a pricing page that will give you a ballpark figure on what a synthetic putting green is going to cost. Please not that price is subject to change and it's always best to contact us to get the most accurate price. Check it out here >>

Do It Yourself (DIY)
This is a new (but really popular option) from Supreme Greens. It came about because we wanted a way for the budget-minded consumer to have their very own, but realistic and low maintenance, backyard putting green.
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Full Install
Looking for the very best set-up possible? Then get our trained team to design and build your dream backyard golf green. We have installers in most major cities around Australia.
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Case studies and examples of your work
See some examples of our work on this page. We're adding to these all the time but you may get a spark of inspiration. Learn more >>

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If you've got questions then we've got some answers. Here are some of the more common questions we receive.

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Start ball rolling?
If you're keen to start the ball rolling and find out what a Supreme Green is going to cost, then please check out the relevant pages below:

DIY Info Page
Full Install Info Page
I'm not sure page

I'd really like to chat to you about a project I have coming up?

Fantastic. We are here to help. Please go to this page and let's arrange a time to chat.

This step is ideal for commercial putting greens, including Putt Putt courses.