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If you've got questions on our Supply Only kits, you're in the right place. Below are some of the most important and regular questions we receive.

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Can you tell me what options I have for a Supply Only golf green please?

A: We offer a selection of Supply Only kits available for purchase online. These kits are sized based on our most popular purchases since we started offering kits as a supply only option. All our kits include our premium Australian made, made for golf putting green grass and come with the necessary accessories including cups and flags. We also offer custom orders for larger projects and a minimum grass order quantity of a full roll (20m x 3.7m) of putting green grass applies.

Is synthetic grass any good for golf?

A: You bet it is. Synthetic grass technology has come a long way in the last 7 years and it is incredibly realistic. While it will never be the same as real golf greens, it's getting very close. So close, you may have trouble telling the fake grass from the real thing.

I am looking for a budget green, are your grasses competitively priced?

A: Our Supply Only kits come with our premium, Australian made and made for golf putting green and fringe grasses. If you're after something cheap and cheerful we are probably not the right fit for you. We don't price match or try to compete with our competitors, we just offer the best grass possible (from years of research and testing), we have a website with loads and loads of information and all purchases receive our multimedia installation guide which is exclusive to Supreme Greens.

Can I "try before I buy"?

A:  Not really. Because our Supply Only and Full Install greens are mostly in private properties we don't offer this option. Our grasses come with a full 7 year warranty and are the best in the business. If you really do want to try before you buy the only option is to visit me by appointment only and try my set up at my house in Toowoomba, QLD.

Can I hit lofted shots onto a Supreme Green?

A: Yes! Your Supreme Green can take chip and pitch shots from up to about 30m if installed correctly. This is what separates our grasses from most of our competitors. The ball will check, spin and bounce as if it would on the golf course and they're very realistic.

Best of all there are no pitch marks and very little maintenance. Keep in mind that these greens are firm, so you need to make good contact and create some spin for the ball to stop.

If you are looking to build a larger green and hit approach shots from longer range (50m +), we strongly recommend our full install/Golfscape service.

How realistic are the greens?

A: In my heyday I (Cameron) played off a plus 3 handicap. I still play to scratch and cannot believe how realistic these greens are. The balls roll really well (testing has shown the ball rolls better on our greens then normal grass).

The Supreme Green goes to the next level when you hit chips and other lofted shots to them. The grass has been designed to absorb the impact and allow spin to take effect. Compared to other synthetic golf greens, the Supreme Green grasses have no comparison.

The bottom line? They are incredibly realistic and offer all levels of golfers an environment to accurately practise their game and have years of enjoyment.

Why should I choose you guys?

A: The short answer is because I'm serious about delivering the very best golf grass products to my clients. I don't take short cuts. Ever! And I only ever put my name to something that I'd use myself (I have one of these installed at my home).

And, I have searched high and low to find the very best synthetic golf grass in Australia (and the world) and this is the best in the business!

Can I buy a Supply Only green and engage your installers?

A: No this isn't an option because our install teams are busy year round installing greens for our clients.

If you're not confident completing the install yourself, your best bet is to engage a local landscaper to complete the works for you.

All Supply Only orders include our install guide which can be passed onto the landscaper so you know they'll be installing it with the correct techniques.

How long will a Supreme Green last?

A: I spoke with the manufacturer of the grass and he says around 15-20 years with normal use. If you have a green that is under extreme use it might get down to 5-10 years, but this would be in rare situations, like a small practice putting green at a very busy public golf course. Normal backyard greens will last at least 15 years before you may need to consider replacing the grass.

What about the speed, how quick are the greens?

A: Right out of the box, these greens run at approximately 10 on the Stimpmeter. They will quicken a little with use and when the green settles. But the highlight of the Supreme Green grasses is you can slow them down if you wish.

Please see this interesting article on how you can adjust the speed with only a few minutes work.

Also, if you want to increase the speed of your green, you can add more infill during the construction.

Can I get a sample of your synthetic golf grass?

A: No. We don't send samples for the simple reason that a sample doesn't reflect the end product. When your project is finished and infill added to your green it is completely different to how the sample looks so we stopped sending samples.

How much do these greens cost?

A: Our Golfscape/Full Install service can easily reach and go beyond $300 + GST per sqm. We understand this is out of reach for many people in Australia which is why we have launched the Supply Only range.

Our cheapest Supply Only kit is $1,999.00 (inc of GST). Costs of materials will vary depending on where you are and local supplier pricing. But as a very rough guide you could be putting and chipping on your very own tour quality green for under $3k.

Do you have any examples I can see?

A: Yes. Please check out our Instagram page for some ideas.

I'm interested, what do I do now?

A: Check out our available kits and purchase online - Click here for more

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