How Can I Help You?

If you've got questions you're in the right place. Below are some of the most important and regular questions I receive. If you have something that's bugging you or isn't covered and you'd like to chat, please visit this page.

Can you tell me what options I have for a golf green please?

A: We have two main products:

1.  Golf Green Full Install - sizing ranging from 20m2 to as big as you want! We use the absolute best grass there is and the ultimate in install techniques. On top of this, we work with you closely to give you the ultimate in design, so your golf green becomes your pride and joy. Starting price from $4,000 but can easily go over $50,000 if you want a large putting surface.

We also have installers in most major cities. If you're interested to get some price ideas, please go here.

2. DIY - we've pioneered the development of the synthetic golf DIY market. We have created a golf grass that is easy to install and still gives you a premium playing surface. This product also comes with comprehensive DIY guide.

If DIY sounds like you, then please tap here now.

Is synthetic grass any good for golf?

A: You bet it is. Synthetic grass technology has come a long way in the last 7 years and it is incredibly realistic. While it will never be the same as real golf greens, it's getting very close. So close, you may have trouble telling the fake grass from the real thing.

Are synthetic golf greens playable?

A: Yes, they are incredible. I'm a below scratch golfer and I've had my pro mates test them out too. I've never had anyone not impressed with these golf greens.
With proper installation and materials a synthetic green will give a true roll and even allow for the ball to spin and hold the green. Click here to see a sample of a green in action.

Where are you located and can you service my area?

A:  We offer full install and supply Australia wide. We have installed golf and synthetic grass in all states and regions of Australia. Personally, I'm in SE Queensland. If you're keen for a chat about your project, please visit this page.

What about maintenance? I've heard synthetic greens require serious maintenance, what's the go?

A: Again, it depends on the type of green you get installed. Some models require extensive servicing because the greens become scuffed and compacted. Supreme Greens require very little yearly maintenance, apart from some brushing to remove dirt and debris, weed spraying and maybe some blowing to keep them in working order. The best thing? With Supreme Greens you'll spend more time playing and using it and virtually no time repairing it. Note: you may need a more thourough service every 2-3 years to top up the infill and brush out any sand or other debris.

We have an article that discusses maintenance of synthetic golf greens over here.

Are pitch marks an issue?

A: No, not with proper install. The green foundations must be laid correctly. Too hard and you'll struggle to stop the ball. Too soft, and you will leave pitch marks. Your perfect green should mimic a green at a top golf course, it will be firm to walk on, giving nice speed, but it will still allow the golf ball to stop, spin and check up. Here's an article that goes into more detail about pitch marks.

How big a green should I get?

A: This will come down to your budget. The bigger the green the higher the cost. Our recommendation is to go for the largest green your budget affords. We can also help you come up with a design that suits your needs and budget. Please arrange a chat to discuss your needs.

I'm a handy type, can I do a DIY green?

A: Yes. We have recently created a specialty DIY grass that makes self-install as easy as can be. This DIY grass is for smaller greens, around 70m2 and below, and simplifies the process because less infill is required and joining is so much simpler.

This grass still gives a beautiful roll and even allows for small chips and pitches to stop on the green. It's an amazing product that is set to become incredibly popular. Click here to learn more.

What about the design, what are my options?

A: You are really only limited by your budget and imagination. Almost all shapes and designs are possible. You have to be mindful that any fancy shapes do result in wastage of product and may increase costs. For the most bang for your buck a square design may be best. Grass widths come in 3.7 metres - widths of 3.7, 7.4, 11.1, 14.8 etc offer best value for money.

Can I try before I buy?

A: Please contact us to find a green in your area. This option is only available for full install.

Should I get a fringe grass?

A: Yes! Absolutely. Fringe grass is an easy way to add some shape to your design and it gives you an area to chip from. Finally, the fringe grass is a cheaper way to increase the overall size of your green. And to be honest, a fringe just looks good and is a nice way to finish off your green.

Can I hit lofted shots onto a Supreme Green?

A: Yes! This is what separates these greens from most of the others. You can chip, pitch and even hit full shots onto these greens. The ball will spin and stop - they are very realistic.

Best of all there are no pitch marks and very little maintenance. Keep in mind that these greens are firm, so you need to make good contact and create some spin for the ball to stop.

Here's an interesting article on pitch marks.

How realistic are the greens?

A: In my heyday I (Cameron) played off a plus 3 handicap. I still play to scratch and cannot believe how realistic these greens are. The balls roll really well (testing has shown the ball rolls better on our greens then normal grass).

The Supreme Green goes to the next level when you hit chips and other lofted shots to them. The grass has been designed to absorb the impact and allow spin to take effect. Compared to other synthetic golf greens, the Supreme Green grasses have no comparison.

The bottom line? They are incredibly realistic and offer all levels of golfers an environment to accurately practise their game and have years of enjoyment.

How wide is your grass?

A: It's 3.7m wide. This is an important metric to keep in mind when designing your green. If you keep your green 3.7m, 7.4m, 11.1m or 14.8m wide etc you'll have less wastage.

On another note: the grass rolls generally come in 20m lengths but you can place an order for any metre length (3 lineal metre minimum). And note: we only supply a full metre length. So, if your green is going to be 7.5m long, you'll need to order an 8 lineal piece (or make it 7 metres long).

Are there any other options beside DIY or full install?

A: Yes. I am selling more and more DIY grass to consumers who are using local installers to do the work. This way, you can be confident you're getting the very best grass and because you're going local, you'll get the very best install price. I can also provide the DIY guide to your installer. I am building up a database of installers all over the country, so please contact me to discuss.

Do you offer wholesale prices?

A: Yes. I offer wholesale rates to landscapers, builders and others who can build greens for others. See this page for more.

Why should I choose you guys?

A: The short answer is because I'm serious about delivering the very best golf grass products to my clients. I don't take short cuts. Ever! My team are onboard with my vision and we do our very best each day to bring the most realistic synthetic grass products to the Australian market.

I stand behind my products and offer a guarantee on all of them. The bottom line is, if you're not happy with your golf green, I'll do everything possible to sort the issues out. I don't stuff about and all products come with a guarantee.

And, I have searched high and low to find the very best installers around Australia. We share the same vision and appreciate quality Aussie made products.

I've seen synthetic greens before. They always seem too hard and fast for use, what do you say about that?

A: It depends on the type of grass used, the infill and the installation process. Our grasses are manufactured specifically for golf and been designed to be realistic and low maintenance.

If you're looking for the most realistic option available, then choose our Platinum full install option. We pride ourselves on delivering the very best golf green possible.

If your synthetic green is going into a smaller backyard and will only be used for putting (and maybe chipping) you can certainly get away with our Executive or even a DIY golf green.

In both instances, the grass has been designed NOT to get compacted and too fast. Yes, you'll need to do some minor maintenance to keep in perfect working order, but this time can be measured in minutes per month, not hours (or high cost).

Article on golf green maintenance.

Article on green speed

What about infill, is this important?

A: An infill is important to place into the top of your putting surface. The infill gives the green its speed and also weighs it down so pins are almost always unnecessary.

There are 3 options when it comes to an infill.

  1. A white washed sand. This is the cheapest option and is readily available from any garden supply store.
  2. A kiln dried sand . This is a little bit more expensive but is a slightly better option than a white washed sand.
  3. Bunnings now sell a synthetic grass infill. It's ideal and comes in handy 20kg bags.

How long will a Supreme Green last?

A: I spoke with the manufacturer of the grass and he says around 15-20 years with normal use. If you have a green that is under extreme use it might get down to 5-10 years, but this would be in rare situations, like a small practice putting green at a very busy public golf course. Normal backyard greens will last at least 15 years before you may need to consider replacing the grass.

What about the speed, how quick are the greens?

A: Right out of the box, these greens run at approximately 10 on the Stimpmeter. They will quicken a little with use and when the green settles. But the highlight of the Supreme Green grasses is you can slow them down if you wish.

Please see this interesting article on how you can adjust the speed with only a few minutes work.

Also, if you want to increase the speed of your green, you can add more infill during the construction.

Can I get a sample of your synthetic golf grass?

A: Yes, we can send you a sample of our golf grasses. Please visit this page and be sure to enter your full contact address.

Please note: The grass samples don't always tell you the full story. For a start, you can't putt on them and get a realistic feel (because there's no infill) for what you're getting. I send samples so you can see and feel the quality of the yarn, but they are not a putting surface until fully installed.

This is one of my biggest frustrations because cheaper, shorter pile grasses oftentimes look better as a sample but don't perform anywhere near as well as my premium golf grasses.

How much do these greens cost?

A: This is an almost impossible question to answer but we've done our best over here. As a start, the cheapest DIY green comes in at around $900 + GST

Please see this article for more info on pricing.

Do you have any examples I can see?

A: Yes. Please check out our gallery page or our case study page or our Instagram page for some ideas.

Are these greens difficult to install as DIY?

A: This is a good question. If you keep the design simple and you're not after a huge green then you shouldn't have any issues. Problems arise when clients attempt to get all fancy and tackle a huge green.

I have created a comprehensive DIY guide (with videos and detailed instructions) that can assist you with a self install green. Normally this guide sells for $499 but comes to you FREE of charge with any golf grass purchase.

My strongest recommendation for DIY is to keep your design simple (limit joins and cutting) and keep the size to under 75m2. You can click here to learn more.

I only want a small green but can't do DIY. Can you install for me?

A: Yes, we install in all parts of Australia (there's hardly a region we haven't been). But please note: For these smaller greens you will be looking at a bare minimum of $4,000 + GST. This is a guide only and please click here to start the process.

I want to install a Mini Golf Course, can you help me?

A: Yes, we have created a mini golf system that is awesome and totally cost effective. The best way to move forward here is to book a time to chat. We can go over all the options and give you some price ideas over the phone.

I am looking at golf greens for my golf course, can you help me?

A: Yes, we can create realistic golf greens for country golf courses or private courses. The best way to move forward here is to book a time to chat. We can go over all the options and give you some price ideas over the phone.

Do you guys supply all the accessories I will need?

A: Yes, we have all the items you need to make your golf green the best thing ever. Including, cups and flags, hitting nets/cages, synthetic golf tees, glue and tape.