Bringing The Magic Of Golf To More Aussies

Fun, challenging, realistic and totally amazing non-traditional golf concepts for the Australian golf industry and domestic market.

Get The Ultimate Golf Facility For Your Business Or Your Backyard

Incredibly realistic

Step 1

Highly realistic playing surfaces that mimic the best golf greens on the planet.

Play all year round

Step 2

The playing surfaces are weather resistant and are playable all-year round.

Improve your golf

Step 3
  • We make fun and challenging golf concepts. Good enough that even the best golfers will enjoy playing on them.


Step 1
  • Golf is changing! And it's time to make the game family friendly and ultra-fun for all. This includes mini golf courses and new-age home golf concepts.

    Low maintenance

    Step 2
    • Our products are all about giving you the most bang for your buck. This means they are super low maintenance so you can spend more time playing, and less time maintaining.

    Attract a new audience

    Step 3
    • Golf is not dying. More people are playing the game, but they want a different experience over traditional ideas. Our concepts attract existing and new people to the game and focus on fun and time saving options.

    Long lasting

    Step 1
    • Our specially made Aussie grass has been created to last the distance. No nasty chemicals, UV protected and completely safe.


    Step 2
    • We stand behind our products and service. Everything we do is backed by a no fuss guarantee. 

      Child Proof

      Step 3
      • Our grasses are super quality and can withstand anything your kids can throw at them. As way of comparison, our premium golf grass has twice the amount of fibre per square metre over our competition.

      Pet Proof

      Step 1
      • Your golf green is safe from your pet’s business. Simply pick it up or wash it off. It’s not a biggie with this grass.

      Full range of accessories

      Step 2
      • We have cups, flags, golf nets & tees and more. We can kit out your backyard so it becomes the ultimate golf training ground.

      Australia-wide Service

      Step 3

      We service Australia-wide and have skilled installers everywhere. If you're interested, we'd love to chat to you.

      Ultimate Non-Traditional Concept

      This could be a totally unique mini golf facility, par 3 course or a new type of driving range. Our concepts and designs are all about making your golf business soar, with simpler and better revenue streams. 

      We use professional golf architects, designers and builders and have all parts of your future project covered. 

      Turn your backyard into something amazing

      Our mission is to enable golfers to bring the magic of golf to their backyard. Then, you can share quality time with friends and family while simultaneously mixing it with the game you love.
      We have searched the earth for synthetic golf grass products that provide serious golfers the ultimate performance. Our grasses are 100% safe to your family, UV protected, kid and pet proof and most importantly of all, are as close to realistic as the real thing

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