"Here's some very important information about mini golf and commercial golfing facilities"

A time lapse video of a mini golf course being constructed


Let’s face it…running a golf club is harder than it has ever been.

That’s not to say that it was easy before. You’ve always faced challenges in business that your club needed to overcome.

But this feels different.

Year over year, you can see your memberships dwindling. It seems like fewer and fewer people want to pay to play on a full-sized golf course. And of course, that’s having a direct effect on your bottom line. Your main revenue stream keeps falling and you don’t know what to do.

Raising prices might be a temporary solution. But if people aren’t joining your club now, they’re definitely not going to join when the prices go up.

You’re starting to feel lost and you’re on the verge of giving up the ghost and closing the club.

And you’re not the only one.

Golf clubs throughout Australia are struggling with the exact same problem. There’s a country-wide decline in the number of people playing, which makes competition fiercer than ever before.

You need to find a way to draw people to your club. You need to find new revenue streams that’s going to help your club survive, and eventually thrive, in this turbulent era.

At first, you might think about options outside of golf to create that revenue stream.

For example, you could form an agreement with a fast-food chain to have them set up shop in your club. Yes, it changes the atmosphere of the club a little. But at least you have another revenue stream…right?

The problem with solutions like these is that they’re not in keeping with what your members want in a golf club. You run the risk of alienating the people who are paying you right now in an effort to attract people who might pay you in the future.

It’s too much of a risk to take…

And that means you’re back to the drawing board. You’re back to trying to figure out how your club can make money beyond the revenue that your course brings in.

The picture’s looking pretty bleak…

But I have some amazing news for you.

There is a solution to your problems. There is a way for your club to generate more revenue without alienating your existing members.

This solution will drive more people to your club while offering an alternative way to play for your current members.

The answer…is mini golf.

Mini golf is booming! A well designed and well built mini golf course could be a real money maker for your golf club or business

Now, I already know what you’re thinking.

Mini golf refers to those gimmicky courses that people play on for a bit of fun. They don’t have a place in a serious golf club, surely?

I’m here to tell you that they do because mini golf isn’t what you believe it to be.

Over the course of this book, I’m going to help you to understand just why a great (and non-gimmicky) mini golf course could offer the lifeline your club needs.

I’m going to highlight the challenges that you face and present you with solutions that will help your club to prosper.

And when you’re ready, I’m going to show you how you can build and market one of these courses yourself.

Let’s jump right in and find out what mini golf is really all about.

On the next page I'm going to explain the difference between "traditional" and "non-traditional" golf ideas and how they can improve your bottom line...

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