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Looking for a mini golf course but don't have $500k + to spend?

We’ve spent the past few years trying to come up with a solution for this and we now have the answer! On this page we’ll show you how!

While not fully concreted and custom made like our fully commercial models, these are still premium all the way and offer a foot into the booming mini golf market at a fraction of the cost. Ideal for places such as country golf clubs, caravan parks, indoor facilities or even for residential use.

Mini Golf is BOOMING!

The golf industry has seen the light. These “little” courses are cash machines.

They are low maintenance
They bring new peeps to golf
There are extra revenue streams with food and beverage (plus corporates etc)
They can operate outside of normal golf hours

Simply, they use a small amount of space and can bring in a serious amount of cash.

What isn't there to like?

Our mini golf kits.

Over the last two years we’ve been working on a new concept that keeps the cost down on construction. Instead of needing $500K (or more) a course can be constructed for less than $100K.

In fact, our mini golf kits can also come in a DIY form so the price comes down to under $30,000.

Here’s more to the story.

We have partnered with a manufacturer who has created a system where each hole is attached to a firm rubber surface. These holes can then be transported to site, rolled out and then everything is good to go.

Baseworks and other preparations can be done by us or you can use local contractors (or members of your club) to do the work.

Here's the thing.......

Because these courses aren’t built from concrete, the baseworks are much easier. And like all constructions, you can add drainage points, landscaping and all sorts of contours.

Or you can keep it simple. It really depends on your parcel of land and your budget.

These mini golf kits offer all sorts of options and are certainly a winner for a club that wants to get into mini golf WITHOUT needing to drop high six figures.

These Mini Golf Kits are:

Please note: These things are entry level. If you believe you’re going to have a course that will do 100,000 rounds a year and be super busy, these aren’t the courses for you. You’ll be much better investing in a fully concreted mini golf course.

But, if you’re from a small country town, a caravan park, school or a domestic venue, then these mini golf kits are ideal.

If you do 10,000 rounds per year (a very low number) and charge $10 per round, this will generate $100,000 extra revenue for your club per year.

There's 2 points to make here:

1. You’ll pay off the course very quickly (in most cases within one year, if not sooner)
2. Your return on investment is unbelievable

Even with our premium install service for a large mini golf kit, that would include 18 holes, landscaping, drainage, and all the prep work, you’d be looking at something in the ballpark of $200,000.

You’d have it paid off in two years.

And, if you could generate, say 13,000 rounds and charged $12 per round, you pay it off within 18 months. And when you factor the extra income for things like,

– food and beverage
– parties
– corporate events
– new membership

The real return on something like this is even better.

In summary:

Our mini golf kits allow almost any club/venue to get their own mini golf course for the lowest possible cost. We don’t know if there’s a more cost effective and profitable way to construct your own course.

Plus, there’s lots of different options when it comes to design and construction to save even more. If you’re interested in learning more, then please click continue below.

Options include:

Full install
DIY (supply only)
Premium installation with all the bells and whistles (full landscaping, drainage, fencing etc)
9 holes
18 holes
Indoor courses