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Boondall Mini Golf

The Boondall Mini Golf Course is well and truly under way. We started construction in early August 2019 and hope to have everything finished by late September, 2019.

Located on Sandgate Road at the Virginia, Brisbane International Hotel, the Boondall Mini Golf Course is set to be a winner.

The layout has been created to be more of a putting course rather than a traditional putt putt course. The traditional courses tend to have random obstacles like windmills, strange objects and concrete barriers around the perimeter.

While there is nothing wrong with the traditional types golf courses, the owner of the Boondall Mini Golf wanted something more realistic to attract all types of golfers, especially serious golfers who are most likely members at the nearby golf courses.

Also, the traditional type mini golf courses can be expensive to construct. The themed courses, with all their obstacles and animals and water features can almost double the cost of construction. We like to think that this course is definitely a “mini” golf course – just a smaller version of what you’d find on an 18 hole golf course.

We have worked closely with the owner, who designed the layout, to create an interesting, challenging and fun minigolf course. The main obstacles are rocks, boulders, pine posts and traditional railway sleepers.

It’s our goal to have the holes vary in difficulty, from fairly easy to quite difficult. In saying that, because the course is on the small size, it should be possible to make a hole-in-one on every hole.

There are plenty of risk-and-reward type holes whereby you can choose an “easy” path from the tee but not be able to make the putt. If you want to get the putt into the hole on your first try, you’ll have to take on a much more riskier putt, bringing in bunkers, sleepers and rocks into play.

And, it may take three or four rounds to determine the best route to hole. Our amazing install team have created many subtle breaks and borrows that are there to deceive the eye. It may look like the ball will do one thing, but in fact, it will do the exact opposite.

So the Boondall Mini Golf Course is going to be fun. It will be ideal for families/kids to have a great day out and even serious golfers can tame their golf addiction because our premium grass mimicks the playing characteristics of the best putting surfaces around.

The Boondall Mini Golf course is set to open late November 2019. Please see a range of images below that highlight the construction process. We will be adding more images as the project nears completion.

The first load of road base hits the Boondall Mini Golf Course
Setting the sleepers in with concrete
Getting ready to lay concrete on hole number 7
Baseworks completed and hole set out (number 3)
The boys pouring concrete on hole number 16
Hole number 8 has been poured with concrete at the Boondall Mini Golf Course
The first lot of synthetic grass is down at the Boondall Putt Putt Course. The fringe will go around the perimeter
The little bridge that connects hole 15 with the 16th tee. This is a low point on the course so we don’t want anyone getting wet!!
The concrete is super smooth which will ensure the best possible roll

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