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Bondall Putt Putt

Below you’ll find some images and info on our latest creation, the Bondall Putt Putt course.

The course is around 1250m2 and it is located at the Brisbane International Hotel on Sandgate Road, Boondall. It promises to be an awesome venue for golf lovers in the Virginia area and will feature,

  • 18 hole mini golf course
  • Indoor golf simulator set up
  • Kiosk/bar
  • Kids entertainment area

The Bondall Putt Putt will be an ideal venue for kids’s parties and entertaining.

The course is what we call a “realistic mini golf”. There are no crazy obstacles, like windmills, caricatures and unnatural borders. This mini golf course has been designed to be fun and challenging for the kids, but also a place where “serious” golfers can enjoy.

It will also offer a great place for hotel guests to unwind with a little bit of golf and a drink after a day at work/travelling. Notwithstanding, with many conferences being held at the hotel, it adds a new dimension to a work conferences/parties.

Here’s some more information on the Bondall Putt Putt Course

The owner did a fantastic job in coming up with the original layout. To be honest, we’ve only made slight tweaks to the design and he has given us full permission to add our own flair and creativity.

There are no crazy or wacky holes. The owner didn’t want to have those silly holes that don’t mimic golf. We like to think our putt putt courses as 18 separate greens with a clear objective on each hole.

There will be a fair amount of risk and reward on the course. Golfers can choose an easy option from the tee and be rewarded with a simple path to the hole. The golfers can also choose a more difficult approach and be presented with an opportunity to make a hole-in-one…

… but get it wrong, even just slightly, and the ball may hit a rock, sleeper or some other obstacle. This will ensure a much more difficult route home.

The hole lengths vary from around 8 metres, right up to 16 metres. The course is flat, with no major undulations variations. This ensures the course is easy to walk for all. Including young children and their grandparents (or great grandparents).

And because there are no “stupid” holes, requiring lots of luck to get the ball into the hole, the Boondall Putt Putt Course will mean that your mini golf experience will be fun and quick.

We estimate that a round can be completed in less than one hour, even in busy times. You will be able to flow around the course without any bottlenecks and then be able to enjoy a refreshment in the kiosk afterwards.

The signature hole at Boondall Putt Putt at this point will beis the 12th hole. This is located in the southeast corner of the course and it borders Sandgate round (behind a safety fence). Here’s what it offers,

  • A decision from the tee to either go left or right of the sign post (the post that houses the large advertising sign)
  • The right track is tricky because it’s quite narrow
  • The left route is much wider but will have some pine obstacles to negotiate
  • The hole offers the expert golfer the opportunity for a hole-in-one
  • An exit point to the rear left of the hole with protection from a small sleeper wall
  • Cross the small bridge and then you’re onto the 13th

We will provide more updates on the Boondall Putt Putt as the construction of this mini golf course continues. We are hoping to have everything completed by the week of the 16th September.

In the meantime, check out some of the images below.

Images of the Boondall Putt Putt Course Construction
Ready to start the Bondall Putt Putt Course
This large excavator did lots of the early heavy lifting
Some of the base works are in. The pipes sticking out are hole locations and drainage points
The 12th hole
The boys deep in thought on the best way to construct!
A reused tree for an obstacle
the back of the 11th and 12th in the background

The Bondall Putt Putt Course promises to be a fantastic family friendly venue for those in the north of Brisbane. It will be opening later this year and we will keep you informed of all the latest progress.

For more images and updates on the Bondall Putt Putt, please visit our Instagram Page.