Our golf green creations are now known as Golfscapes. These are a premium offering and for those golfers who like the best. They can mimic a famous golf hole or we can create something totally unique that will enable you to practise all aspects of your game.

And, with our landscaping service, your golf green and backyard can be integrated together so you’ll be the proud owner of the best backyard in town. Your property will be the envy of your friends and family.

A Golfscape takes a standard golf green install and injects it with steroids. Here’s just some of what you get with our Golfscapes:

  • Professional custom design/concept, including sketches and drawings will be created. We will work with you to create something special and something that will give you years of enjoyment.
  • Consultation on the ideal grasses to use, including the best fringe grass.
  • Landscape integration with your golf green so everything fits in seemlessly and gives your backyard “wow” factor.
  • Consultation, design and location of accessories like golf tees, bunkers, hitting nets and short game areas.
  • Each project will have a full drainage concept created. One can’t be too careful when it comes to rain and water runoff.
  • The absolute best, most durable and realistic synthetic grasses available. Our grasses are made in Australia and have been created to replicate real golf greens as closely as possible.
  • Each project will see a project manager on site, both to oversee the project but also to act as a communication point between client and installers.
  • Every part of your project will get the star treatment. We only use the best materials possible and pride ourselves on attention to detail.
  • These things are so impressive that even your wife will love it.
  • Your project is backed by our Ballsy Guarantee. Simply, if we don’t deliver you something remarkable, you don’t pay.

Just so you’re sure: These Golfscapes are not cheapest golf greens on the market. And we are not trying to compete on price because to deliver a sensational Golfscape takes extraordinary attention to detail and skill.

So it’s not possible to be a budget operation. As a starter, for a small Golfscape (around 50m2) you’ll be looking in the ballpark of $20,000 +GST

If you’d like to learn more, I recommend you reading our Golfscape Consumer Guide by clicking here.

In future posts, we’ll add more imagery and case studies of what these amazing Golfscapes are all about.

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