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5 things you probably didn’t know about Supreme Greens

Here are some interesting (we think they’re interesting anyway) things that you might not have known about Supreme Greens.

1. The Helix yarn is non-directional and super special: Non directional is not entirely unique in the golf grass industry. But what is unique is that the Helix yarn has no twisting or knotting. This gives it the softest feel of any synthetic golf grass. Twisting and knotting causes the ball to bounce or “trampoline” – with the Helix yarn you get the most realistic playing surface possible. If you’re thinking you’d be able to play approach shots onto these greens and watch the ball spin and stop, then you’d be correct. This grass is what makes our everyday Supreme Green grass so special.

2. A Supreme Green can be set up for any golf activity: Last week Aaron came to visit us. He owns a driving range in Melbourne and wants to install a putting green and another green for a short game area. He was surprised to learn that we are able to set these greens up slightly differently so each green will perform as requested and be as low maintenance as possible.

We do this by creating a different base environment for each green. If the green is for putting only the base should be different from those greens which will be required for lofted shots. We can even build greens that can be made to accept shots from over 200 metres – these greens will always putt well, but the base works need special care and attention so the green in receptive to the golf ball.

3. Chain of Australian owned businesses behind this product: Supreme Greens is a fully Australian owned family business. We also rely on manufacturers who are the same – make products that are Australian made and owned. You get what you pay for and it’s imperative that your golf grass is made right. Sometimes it’s easy to buy on price, but will your purchase be a wise choice in the longterm? Our aim is to only sell the products that we’d be happy to use on our property and most of the cheaper imports just don’t cut the mustard.

In the unlikely event that something isn’t up to standard, there are warranties and guarantees covering you. The grass is guaranteed for 8 years and our suppliers stand behind their products. If you ever have any questions or concerns we’re here to help you, as are the manufacturers of the grass.

4. Grass made exclusively for golf: Most golf grasses are hybrids from hockey or lawn bowls. While this isn’t always a problem if you only want to putt, it is if you want something more realistic. Our golf grasses are made for golf. They aren’t used for hockey or lawn bowls and substituted in as a golf product. That’s not what Supreme Greens is all about. We want to offer all golfers the very best golf surface possible.

5. Full range of products: Our main Supreme Green grass is our most popular grass, especially for full install jobs. But we also have a new IY grass that has been created for DIYers who don’t have the budget for a full install. This grass is quickly becoming a best seller, with golfers from all over Australia using it to build their very own backyard green. We also supply a specialty indoor grass that makes indoor greens incredibly playable.

We also stock a range of accessories, including cups, flags, tape and glue. We also have a very handy DIY guide (plus videos) that walk you through the DIY process.

If you have any questions whatsoever, please contact us today. We’re here to help and look forward to helping you get your very own putting green.