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7 things I love about my Supreme Green

If you’re serious about your golf game and have the room for you’re own private putting green, then I think it’s one of the best investments you’ll make. Here are 10 reasons why I love my putting green. There is no particular order, I wrote them down as they came to me.

1. Can practice all the time. I’m lucky enough to work from home these days and there’s no better time of the day when I walk from my office and get in some practice. It’s awesome! The fresh air and the ability to forget about clients and deadlines and get lost in hitting some balls. I’ve even been know to sneak down at lunchtime to clear the head and stretch the legs.

2. Can practice ALL shots. A putting only green would be a luxury. But I wanted more and that’s why a realistic golf green was the only option. I can hit chips, pitches, bunker shots and even full shots to my green. I’ve grown some deep rough, have bare patches and perfect lies to work on all aspects of the short game. Not only is this fun, but the improvement in the golf game is nice.

3. It’s low maintenance. I was convinced to put in a real green, thinking that that was the only way to get the ultimate practice environment. That was until I learned about the cost of building a real green and the costs associated with maintaining it. It simply wasn’t worth it. I’m so happy with what I’ve got – it takes about 15-20 minutes a month to keep it in order and there’s nothing more complicated then blowing it with my new blower (about $330 to buy a good blower), brushing it occasionally and plucking some weeds. It’s nothing, and for a serious investment it’s hardly anytime. Best of all, there’s no grass to cut.

4. Focus point. There are golf nuts everywhere and when golfers come to my property the green is practically the first thing they see. It’s a talking point and it’s great to talk to like-minded people about golf, their game and how they’re doing. I’ve had many meetings on my green and often we’ll get carried away, hitting shots and forgetting what the meeting was about.

5. Keeps the kids entertained for hours. When the nephews and nieces visit they have a place to play. Just recently when had some friends who turned up with four kids (a couple of extras) and they loved the green. They spent hours hitting balls and playing around. Even the non sporty ones had a blast making sandcastles in the bunker. I’m also sure that when little Jessica is old enough she’ll spend plenty of time with Dad out golfing. There’s no pressure for her to be a superstar golfer, but it will be a great and healthy way to spend quality time.

6. A new business venture. My putting green has become the foundation of my new business. I have written about golf for years and was always getting requests for coaching. In the hustle and bustle of Melbourne it wasn’t easy to find a suitable location – I did coach some people in my backyard! But with my Golf Farm I can now legitimately coach and help others anytime I like. There’s no travel for me and there’s no extra costs of having to hire premises or pay fees to someone else. I can do what I like and if you’re a golf professional or coach, I highly recommend it.

7. Living the dream. Since my first game of golf I’ve been pretty much hooked. I nearly quit in my 20’s when I got distracted by a range of other things, but golf has always been something I’ve enjoyed doing. Building this green has been a dream come true. I love it and I only wish I had done it earlier. When I’m out playing around, learning and having fun I couldn’t think of anything else I’d rather be doing. Time flies and the golf game keeps improving.

If you’ve come this far and are considering making a purchase then I’d be happy to chat to you. I can answer any of your questions and would even be show you my facility if you’re ever on the Sunshine Coast (seriously, jump on a plane and come visit, it would be the best money you’d spend). I’m a crazy golf geek but I really am truly satisfied with my Supreme Green and can’t think of a better purchase for a serious golf person like me.