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Big Time Synthetic Golf Green Byron Bay Area

Bruce and his A-team have almost completed this amazing synthetic golf green at Mullumbimby (it’s near Byron Bay, NSW). The property is incredible, with 360 degree views of cliff faces, mountain ranges and the ocean.

The golf green is situated in a natural amphitheatre. It’s away from the house, offering privacy and no safety issues. The green is a big one, approximately 550 square metres in total (including the fringe) and comes with a bunker and multiple teeing grounds. The client wanted a place where he can work on his short game and have all sorts of playing options. We are also adding a hitting net where he can keep his full game in tip top shape.

We added two large teeing spots and four smaller mini tees. The last two are located at 115 metres and 125 metres from the green and provide a tight tee shot through a narrow shoot.

I spent two hours here last week, hitting all sorts of shots from all positions. It really is an incredible green, with a large tier in the middle and 4 tricky (but fun) hole locations. Bruce and the team have certainly created a brilliant place for golf that will provide all sorts of entertainment and golf improvement possibilities.

The green still isn’t quite finished – we ran out of fringe grass and need to complete brushing in the Profill. We’re hoping to complete the job when the client returns from overseas in a week or so. But check out the images below to see one of our latest creations…

Before: View looking from back to tee location to proposed green
Before: Site of proposed 95m-100m tee
Before: View from back “mini” tee to proposed green. Approx 120 metres
Before: Site for golf green
Before: Looking back towards proposed tee site from green location
After: The two back “mini” tees newly installed
After: View from behind the 100m tee looking towards the green
After: Green and bunker and large fringe area
After: Looking up the green. This image gives an idea of the tier and you can see the rear fringe in background.
After: The amazing view! Looking back down onto green. You can see the front tee @ middle right.
After: View from back tee to green.
After: 95 metres to the middle of the green
After: View from the very back “mini tee”. This is a shot of around 125 metres


We are getting more and more interest for these types of backyard golf greens – a place where the golfer can work on their putting game but also chip, pitch and hit bunker shots. If you have the room and you’re a “serious” golfer and would consider getting something like this at your property, then we’d like to talk to you. Our greens are fully playable, allowing the ball to hit the green and check up on landing.

Please note: The golf green images in this article appear to be a little sandy. And that’s because the Profill hasn’t been brushed in fully. When the green is completed we’ll update with newer photos. The owner plans on doing a lot more landscaping so this will become a spectacular golf green.

Here’s a video Bruce shot of me hitting a ball onto the green. You can see how quickly the ball pulls up.

[video_player type=”youtube” width=”560″ height=”315″ align=”center” margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”20″]aHR0cHM6Ly95b3V0dS5iZS9QZFhLTHRqQU1TUQ==[/video_player]

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