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Golf Green: end of day one

It was a very interesting day in the construction of this synthetic golf green. Here’s just some of the story.

1. Some of the base surface was incredibly wet. It was so wet and soft the Bobcat kept getting bogged. We had to call an excavator in at the last minute.

2. The truck bringing in the first load of bedding sand got bogged. This was a tense time because I was told that it would cost $1000 for a tow truck to get him out. Luckily the Bobcat driver’s truck came to the rescue.

3. We found a small sinkhole to the side of the house. Nobody is sure what caused it but once again we got lucky in that no major damage or issue was caused.

4. The soft ground and other issues meant we couldn’t get all base material on site. This is happening on Monday morning – weather permitting. It looks like it’s going to rain. Fingers crossed it doesn’t.

So it was an eventful day but this golf green is going to be amazing. It’s around 400m2 in total size and has a bunker at the front corner.

Bruce and I are hopeful that were still on track and this green will be finished on Thursday. Monday and Tuesday will be big days – hopefully not as eventful as today.

Here are some more images: