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Improve your score with a synthetic golf green

In this video I show you a ripper practice technique for improving your short game. Watch the video and I’ll add further comments after.

Here’s a few reasons why this way of practising will improve your score, game and level of enjoyment.

  • You’re working on the scoring shots. Learning to get pitch and chips shots close to the hole really is a key to improved performance. Working on your full swing might be fun, but the short game is where the action is.
  • You’re learning different shots and not hitting the same shot to the same target time after time. This challenges you and will push your learning system. A horrible way to practise is to get a clump of balls and hit the same shot to the same spot. After a few attempts all you’re getting is exercise. When you have an easy, medium and hard shot, you’re constantly learning and progressing your development.
  • The hard shots you’ve worked on make the easy shots look and feel so much easier. You’ll get an injection of confidence and you’ll see your scores come down.

If you can do any sort of practice like this a few times a week I can promise you you’ll see a reduction of your handicap. There’s no major skill needed, just a little time and discipline.

Finally, there’s no better tool to help you improve your game around the green then a Supreme Green. If your budget (and room) allows, please consider getting an option that gives you the opportunity to hit lofted shots onto the green. The feedback these greens give you is awesome.