Get your own Putt Putt facility

Whether you're looking for a small putt putt course for home or something more substantial (like for a commercial setup) then we have you covered. We have built a range of putt putt courses around Australia and have plenty on concepts that can make your course a winner.

If you have any questions about putt puut that are not covered below, then please contact us.

Getting Started
Everything comes down to size. If you can give us a ballpark idea on what you're thinking we can give you some pricing options. If you don't know what you want then please contact us to discuss.

There are two main options when it comes to your putt putt course,

#1: DIY - we supply you the grass and you do the install yourself. Pricing for this option will start from around $1500 and go up from here.

#2: Full Install - this is a complete service where we design your course, build it and clean up afterwards. Pricing for this service is going to start at around $10-$12K

Putt Putt Courses

We have built a range of putt putt courses and when it comes to design, you can pretty much have anything you can think of. We only use premium synthetic grass that is made for golf, is long lasting and very low maintenance. If you use the wrong type of grass it eventually compacts and the green becomes way too hard and fast.

Check out the photos below for more ideas.


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Putt Putt Course - this facility is in Brisbane and offers a much more realistic putting experience than traditional putt putt courses

Note the runoff areas and different rough

A more traditional putt putt golf course

Another traditional putt putt course

Adventure golf: this is a new concept that works equally well for putting and chipping

This course works it way down a steep backyard

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