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Putting on a synthetic golf green

Here’s a quick video of me putting on my synthetic golf green…

… I get asked a lot about how well these golf greens roll, so the best way to show you is with a demonstration. These putts are from around 16 feet and are coming from directly across the middle of the green. It’s important to point out that my green gets a lot of action – after 18 months I’ve probably hit close to 20,000 shots onto it from my 85 metre tee.

If this was a real golf green it would be littered with pitch marks and be totally useless. But not a Supreme Green. The green rolls unbelievably well and it takes almost no maintenance.

Side note: I’ve been very lazy over the last few months. The green has had almost no care and attention. I’d prefer to use it rather than servicing it and cleaning debris from it.

Last week I was chatting to a golf pro and he was mighty impressed with how well the green rolled. He was considering installing a real golf green, but I think now he has changed his mind. See the video below for more.