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Synthetic Fringe Grass for Golf

Ever since I installed my first synthetic golf green, I’ve been telling golfers to use a fringe grass. Why?

Because a decent fringe grass adds a new dimension to your golf green. For one, we think it just looks better. The fringe is a great way to finish off your green. And two, you can chip, pitch and hit all sorts of shots from your fringe.

While a putting only green is totally brilliant, why wouldn’t you want to add to your set up and introduce chips and pitch shots!

In the video below I give you a basic rundown on the best type of fringe grass to use.

Some more information on our synthetic golf fringe grass

Our 35mm fringe really is a super-premium synthetic grass. It looks fantastic and does offer a nice surface to hit from. And perhaps the highlight of this grass is it’s a winner with the ladies. It looks so realistic that your wife will NOT complain about your new backyard golf green. We don’t know why, but getting your golf green over the wife is one of the biggest objections most guys face.

The only issue with this 35mm grass, and it’s only a small one, is it can be just a touch tricky to chip from. It’s definitely like chipping from a fairly thick grass and while this will suit most golfers, not all are thrilled with it.

So we have also been promoting a 25mm variation. It’s exactly the same in every way, but just has a shorter pile. And this makes it much easier to hit crisp and spinning chips from around your green. The lie is much tighter and for many, offers a better golf experience.

And because this grass has less pile, it also comes in a little cheaper than it’s 35mm cousin. What’s the best fringe grass for you?

It can depend. If you’re installing a really large green you could consider using both lots of fringe grass – this way, you have all bases covered and can create the ultimate golf green and surrounds.

If you want a really lush look then I would recommend the 35mm fringe. If you’re not too fussed either way then the 25mm fringe is going to save you a few dollars. If you’re really not sure, please contact me to discuss. We also have some other options if you’re looking at doing something custom – some clients have used 40mm+ pile fringe to create super thick rough playing areas.

Design Tips

Place your fringe at either end of your green so you can chip down the maximum length of your green. If you have the room, you can place the fringe around entire perimeter and this also makes the green look as realistic as possible.

The fringe grass is also an easy way to fill in dead space. For example, with our standard grass width of 3.7m, it can be tricky if you have a five metre wide space. In this instance, you can use a 3.7m wide green and use a fringe grass to fill in the 1.3m gap left over. This saves having tricky joins in your putting surface and helps save some $$$ (the fringe grass is cheaper than the putting surface).

The bottom line with a golf fringe is, go for it if you have the room. Working on your chipping game will certainly help you lower your scores. And believe it or not, the closer you learn to chip the ball, the better your putting.