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Synthetic golf tees

Most synthetic golf tees are pretty much the same. See one seen them all. But I have been mighty impressed with the golf tees from Supreme Greens because of a few unique features.

1. They give terrific feedback. A lot of golf tees allow the club to slide into the back of the ball. This means that when you hit the ball fat, you can still get a good result. This might seem like a good thing, but when you head to the golf course you may be surprised at how poor your ball striking has become. With the Supreme Green Tee, you get realistic feedback and all “fat” shots cause the club to dig in and you’ll receive proper feedback. From here, your golf will improve and you won’t get false results.

2. No club staining. A lot of golf mats leave those unsightly green stains on the bottom of the club. This is no huge problem and but it would be better if it didn’t happen. Supreme Green Tee fabrication has been made specifically for golf and there is no staining of your club.

Check out the video below for more information. This video is of my tee at my private golf farm.

I’ve added a second video from my second tee for those that are interested.

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