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The difference between a newly serviced synthetic golf green and a “dirty” one

I had a busy Christmas. The “Outlaws” were in attendance as were all of the nieces and nephews. The place was like a made house for a week or two.

The golf green certainly got a workout, there were putting comps and the kids seemed to gravitate towards the green – although they didn’t play much golf (burying my golf balls in the bunker seemed to be their favourite game).

The point I’m trying to make is that I hadn’t given my green much love. It was covered in debris, balls and clubs. I went for a putt last night and gave up, the ball was ricocheting all over the place. A service was needed.

synthetic golf green Australia
A “dirty” synthetic golf green

I invested in a Blower from Stihl (around $320) which is a wise investment. It’s very hard to brush leaves and twigs from the green, they tend to go under the broom and/or stick to the green. With the blower they stand no chance – they are gone in no time. I would strongly recommend this toy if you’re like me and don’t like maintenance.

The next step is some brushing. The brushing is to help settle the Profill and smooth out any bumps. The brushing only involves walking back and forth with a stiff broom. There’s no hard sweeping and you won’t even work up a sweat.

Total time from start to finish was 28 minutes. I think you’ll agree the finished result is a very nice improvement.

A nicely serviced Supreme Green. It's now ready for some action.
A nicely serviced Supreme Green. It’s now ready for some action.

It’s amazing how much better the green performs after this kind of love. For a start, the ball is not bouncing all over the place. There’s a much better roll (my green is rolling at around 10.5) and it’s super smooth. I had some boys over late this morning and they were all impressed at how good the green looked and putted.

It’s also interesting to note that the green also accepts lofted and spinning shots so much better after a service. I don’t know why this is, but for less than 30 minutes it’s worth the effort. My green is like new again.

My golf green ready for some action
My golf green ready for some action

P.S. Probably the only other thing I could do with the service is some weeding. You do get some rogue weeds coming up through the synthetic grass (but not many). There’s also some runners that tend to encroach onto the playing surface. I use basic weed killer and this does a nice job.