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What does a sand bunker cost to be installed?

If you’re going to get a Supreme Green installed you might as well get the perfect accessory, a sand bunker.

I love mine and use it practically everyday. I reckon a few sand shots are a great way to kill some stress of the day – and it’s also fun to watch the balls spin and check on the green. The other thing that I’ve noticed after years of writing about the game is how poorly most club golfers play bunker shots. If you’ve never really spent a lot of time practicing these shots, then a bunker will do wonders for your game.

– help save lots of shots from around the green
– give you more confidence with your approach shots (because you won’t be worried about missing it in the bunker)
– help you learn a better lob shot (the technique is similar, just some minor differences)

If you’re serious, I’d recommend a bunker. So how much do they cost?

Based on mine, you’re looking at $1000 + gst. This is for an average sized bunker that took approximately four hours to dig. So the boys need to hire a Bobcat for half a day and the fill may be able to be used on your green base. I can’t be sure of this because each green and situation is different. One thing is for sure, if you order your bunker upfront, it will be the most cost effective option. Changing your mind after the green build, and then wanting a bunker, will significantly add to the cost.

Important note: The average sized bunker is around 30 sq meters and the price is assuming we can get a Bobcat (or some other excavation machine) on site. If the bunker needs to be dug by hand there may be a price change or a smaller green offered for this price. If you have any questions about your property please let us know.

I think my bunker size is excellent. There’s plenty of room and if I’m ever coaching, there’s enough room for 3 or 4 people. The bunker also looks really good on the edge of the green – it’s not too small or too big.

There may be some room to move if you want something smaller and obviously a larger bunker will cost more. Bruce is an expert at making sure you get an awesome design (that fits in with your green) and ensuring the bunker drains well. I promise it will be an extra investment that you won’t regret and it certainly will assist your game. Please contact us to learn more.

Here are some happy snaps of my bunker.

Starting the bunker dig
Bunker and lip. The green is above
Me hitting a bunker shot
My finished bunker
My finished bunker