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A better indoor putting green

I’ve been on a steep learning curve since setting up the website. I know a fair bit about synthetic grass and especially its application in relation to grass.

And over the last few months we’ve had a tonne of interest and we’ve received lots of questions – so I’m always learning new stuff and adding new content to the site. I figure if we keep answering client’s questions, this site will continue to get better and better and will become a real authority in the synthetic golf green market (and that’s our goal).

One thing that has popped up over the last week was some interest for an indoor putting green. The client wanted an excellent surface (for a putting lab) and I figured our Supreme Green grass was the go. But Bruce has a different idea.

The Supreme Green grass is awesome for outdoors but not so for inside. When you go inside you’re better off with a bowling type grass – our best version is called DryMax Pro.

DryMax contains more fibre then Supreme Green but it also requires less infill. Infill doesn’t always work too well inside and you want to limit its use. With DryMax you get an unbelievable putting surface, here’s what the client said about the green he got to test drive;

The green is unbelievable! I couldn’t believe the roll the ball got – it was pure!

A bowling green with Dry Max - looks awesome and gives a pure roll
A bowling green with Dry Max – looks awesome and gives a pure roll

If you’re looking for an indoor putting green then Dry Max Pro is probably going to do the trick for you. You won’t be able to hit lofted shots onto this green and get the ball to spin, but the chances are you’re only after putting anyway. The client said that putting is dangerous enough inside his studio – if he encouraged people to chip and pitch he’d have no windows left by the end of the day.

You can use DryMax outside and is something we recommend for hybrid greens. If you’re looking for a combination of putting, lawn bowls, croquet and general play, this could be the best option for you. Here’s a beauty of a little green we built in late 2013 in country Queensland.

A multi-purpose green
A multi-purpose green

Pricing for DryMax Pro is a little bit more expensive than our Supreme Green grass (because there’s more fibre in it) but it is typically cheaper to install (because less infill is required). If you’re considering an indoor putting green then this synthetic grass will most likely be your best option.