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Backyard chipping practice

backyard chipping practice

One of the best ways to improve your golf game is with some backyard chipping practice. And when you have a synthetic golf green, it becomes way easier. Here’s why.

While chipping on your lawn is better than nothing, when you can chip from a decent lie and then good ideal feedback when the ball lands, your backyard chipping practice becomes way more effective. Chipping on your lawn doesn’t allow for the best learning to take place.

And if you know anything about golf improvement, you’ll know, that although it isn’t the most exciting thing (like long drives or amazing recovery shots), some chipping practice is a fast-track to better scores. I’ve been coaching and writing about golf learning for 17 years now, and many amateur players struggle with this fairly simple shot. I’ve seen hundreds of golfer show me a great putting stroke, manageable stroke mechanics but then lose the plot when I ask them to hit a standard chip shot.

And when you start chipping better, your pitching improves. And from this point on your game will be a minimum of 5-10 strokes better off.

Check out the video I put together of Adam doing some backyard chipping practice on my synthetic golf green.

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If you’re keen to get your own golf green and start improving your golf game, then please contact me for a FREE (and no obligation) quote. I typically get back to you the same day and with my new generation DIY golf grass, you can have your dream green by the end of next weekend.

Special offer: If you mentioned you saw this blog post and go ahead and purchase some synthetic golf grass from me, I’ll include my all-time favourite training aide (and some special balls) as part of your order. Normal value for the ChipMaster Pro somewhere around $85 dollars. But yours free if you purchase DIY synthetic golf grass.

Call me (Cameron) on 0403372261 to place your order today. Be sure to mention this special blog post on chipping!

backyard chipping practice
Backyard chipping practice from synthetic fringe grass