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Do It Yourself Artificial Golf Green

do it yourself artificial backyard golf green

Here’s an excellent example of a do it yourself artificial golf green. The client has sent through this excellent case study and given his thoughts and procedure for this self install putting green.

Golf green size: 7.2m x 3.6m. Here’s the feedback from the client…


Day 1
Two weeks prior to commencing work the existing Sir Walter lawn was sprayed with Roundup, three days later it was sprayed again to ensure all grass died.

Note from Cameron: this is a great tip and worth the effort. I don’t know how it does it, but grass can grow up through the green so any spraying before installation is a great idea.

Day 2
The site allowed no mechanical excavation so the site was cleared and dug out by hand filling a 3 cubic metre skip, the remaining surface was then levelled ready for the crusher dust.

Note from Cameron: For all do it yourself artificial golf green installs it certainly helps if you can get some mechanical help. I know this is not always possible, but you can get hire a dingo type machine which can get through almost any gate. Most skid steer (Bobcat) operators charge around $100 per hour and if they are any good, can have your site excavated and prepared in 2 or 3 hours. Hat tip to Peter for doing all the work by hand.

Day 3
With trusty wheelbarrow and shovel 5 tonnes of fine crusher dust was placed on site and levelled using 3 metre straight edge. The crusher dust was then watered lightly and using a plate compactor the dust was settled to a firm surface. The surface was then topped up again to level with more dust and lightly watered again. The plate compactor was run over the top and then the area was levelled once again ready for the next step.
The three cups were then installed and concreted in using rapid set concrete, this worked well but it was tricky to get them spot on.

Note from Cameron: My install guys tell me if you place a straight edge over the cup and then use a spirit level, it’s much easier to install the cups. They can be a bit tricky the first time, but if you take your time it’s worth it because nothing is worse than a poor cup installation.

Day 4.
My wife and I laid the golf green in the desired location and I then placed the fringe grass which I had pre-cut around the edges. Using the joining tape I purchased from Bunnings I proceed to join everything together and as I had timber sleepers on two sides to retain the dust I was able to nail the mat down. Lastly I cut the three holes for the cups which proved easy but required a steady hand.

Note: We do stock a premium synthetic grass tape if required. Bunnings tape is ideal for smaller greens.

I purchased from Bunnings a product called Tuff Turf Synthetic Sand Infill which comes in 20kg bags, whilst not cheap it is kiln dried and made the sanding of the green easy and quick as no drying was required. I got myself a 20kg plastic bucket and drill a large number of 6mm holes in the bottom and poured the sand into it, this made spreading the sand easy and a more uniform surface was achieved. I then swept in the sand and used the same method on the fringe. A quick clean up and I was putting over a couple of beers.

Note from Cameron: This kiln dried sand is a great idea. It’s a little bit more expensive but is way easier to install than wet sand.

I found my previous experience in laying the odd paver helpful and along with the DIY Guide supplied by Supreme Greens the job was relatively easy.

Once again thanks for the great product and assistance along the way, both my wife and I are more then pleased with the result and are holding our first putting party shortly. Peter G from NSW

Please check out the pictures below of this do it yourself artificial golf green:


do it yourself golf green for the backyard
A ripper do it yourself artificial golf green
do it yourself artificial golf green
This little artificial golf green is a beauty! Ideal for the serious golfer who wants to do some sneaky practise while also enhancing the backyard.

If you’re in the market for your own backyard golf green then I’d love to talk to you. Start the ball rolling by getting a no obligation free quote, or call me directly on 0403372261. I have a comprehensive DIY Guide that walks you through the process and it’s not hard to have a golf green like this one by the end of next weekend.

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