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Best Synthetic Golf Green

Here’s a few pictures of what I think is the very best synthetic golf green. I’ll post some better photos soon (the green in the images below is only 95% finished and still needs some grooming) but you should get a feel for what’s possible.

  • Amazing design that actually looks realistic
  • We work closely with the client to give them
  • Incredible bunker design and work to ensure realistic look
  • Use of special edging to separate the real grass from the synthetic. This helps make green super low maintenance
  • Building of fantastic little golf tee – the hole is 59m to the back hole location
  • Special underlay (you can’t see it) that helps absorb the impact of the golf ball and makes green super low maintenance and long lasting. This is a new technique we’re now using after testing it.

This green was built by an expert green installer who has done over 3000 greens and his work speaks for itself. I’ll add some more photos of this green soon.

If you’re in the market for the best synthetic golf green then I’d love to talk to you. See the images of this golf green below.

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