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Pro Series Synthetic Golf Green

Our aim at Supreme Greens has always been to provide the best artificial golf grass available. We thought we had it already but recently installed a new prototype of green in Newcastle we call the Supreme Greens Pro Series. The final product is truly amazing and blew me away.

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I took a punt with the golf green in the video. My normal grass wasn’t available and I decided to try something I had had my eye on for a while. I also employed a professional golf green builder instead of my usual guys (a very long story). And the punt has paid off totally! I’m absolutely thrilled with the end result and the green is truly amazing:

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  • Professional design and shaping of this green. It looks more like a real green than a synthetic one
  • Amazing new underlay technology that further enhances playability
  • A pure roll. I didn’t highlight putting in the video because it was too much fun hitting balls
  • Extra care and attention in the entire process.
  • Extremely low maintenance golf green


Could this be the best golf synthetic green in the world?

I can’t categorically say that it is the very best as I haven’t tried every single golf grass in the world. But I am confident it’s the best in Australia and would be surprised if there was better out there anywhere else in the world. This green has taken our premium product that we’ve done previously, and ramped it. There’s a significant improvement in playability and the major factor is this…

… my new professional installer is a superstar. I have been so impressed with his knowledge, passion and skill level in building this golf green. We have now joined forces and I am super confident you can get the absolute best golf green for your property.

My mission has always been to deliver the very best golf greens on the market. And with this new golf grass, underlay system and my professional green builder I’m super excited. My entire business is now focused almost exclusively on these Platinum Pro Series greens. They are truly amazing and if you’re a golfer who likes the best you won’t be disappointed.

A very special offer

The Pro Series Golf Green is truly remarkable and I’m keen to get more of these beauties installed all over Australia. For a very limited time, and it’s first come first served (I’m thinking 3 or 4 golfers max), if you go ahead and commit to having one of these installed, you will receive this at the old pricing.

I need to be upfront here: The Pro Series green is expensive. Perfection comes at a cost and as a very rough guide, the green you see in the video will retail for around $45,000 + GST. If you get in quickly you’ll be able to save in the vicinity of $10,000 – $30,000 (everything depends on the actual size)

A quick word on sizing: The Pro Series is really only viable for golf greens around 50m2 and above. Plus, you’ll get full benefit if you have room for lofted shots from at least 15m-20m at a minimum.

The starting Point

To ensure all aspects of your green are done to the highest standard we need to do a full consult before anything can happen. So we’ll come to your property, discuss with you what you want, offer suggestions and then together come up with a design that will blow you away. We do charge for the consult, but this money is refunded when the project moves forward.

If you’d like to get started and work out what’s possible at your property, please click this link.

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P.S. This green is still a little rough around the edges because, well, it’s still a construction site. Give it 6 months and this place will be incredible. Just needs the grass to grow and for things to settle down.