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[Case Study] Backyard golf green installation in Melbourne

The below installation was done in Melbourne and highlights what is possible when you let your imagination run wild. Brad is a super enthusiastic golfer who wanted to give his young son the best opportunity to work on his game.

His Supreme Green is unbelievable. He has essentially turned his backyard into a golf practice paradise, allowing him to hit full shots (into the hitting net), putt (long and short), chip, pitch and hit bunker shots.

I spoke with Brad a week or so ago and he is absolutely thrilled with his set up. If he was to change anything about what he got he said he would have added more chipping and pitching mats and possibly added some more options for putting. Other than that he is more than happy.

Brad was blown away with Bruce’s work and couldn’t believe that an artificial golf surface could be so realistic. His backyard putting green will give him and his son years of enjoyment and is worth every cent. The pictures and videos speak a thousand words. Check them out to appreciate what has been done here.

Some things to look out for:

– the great little chipping areas (especially the one in the hollow)
– the ability to practise all putting lengths
– the hitting mat and net

Backyard Golf Green – Video

Backyard Golf Green – Images

Brad's backyard golf green
Brad’s backyard golf green
Brad's green, almost finished.
Brad’s green, almost finished.
Under construction

We know that not everyone will have the budget or need for something like this but it really does show what’s possible in a typical sized backyard. If you’re super enthusiastic golf nut and would like to install a golf green in your own backyard we’d love to talk to you. We can custom a design to suit your needs and give you a golf green that will give you and your family years of enjoyment. Please contact us to learn what we can do for you.