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[Case Study] Synthetic Golf Green Queensland

First a disclaimer. This is my synthetic golf green. This will be the first of a number of cast studies to highlight different golfing greens around the country. I started with mine because it was easy to do and I’m sure golfers out there are interested in as much information as possible. I understand this is a blatant plug, but it is meant with the best of intentions.

Location: Sunshine Coast Queensland
Size of green: approx 220m2 (including surrounds)
Extras: Bunker and two tees installed

The backstory: I’ve been writing about golf for years. In that time I’ve created a little online community of golfers who are looking for different ideas and more instinctive practice techniques. I also receive many requests for coaching and consulting. So having my own golf learning facility was always a dream.

Clare, the minister of everything, was born in Brisbane and has always wanted to return to QLD. We had lived in Melbourne, but Clare kept nagging to return home. I resisted for 5 years. Then we compromised and Clare agreed if we moved to QLD I could build my own golf coaching facility.

That started the ball rolling and I feel lucky to have found out about Supreme Greens. There was a distinct lack of information out there but once I spoke to Bruce I knew exactly what I wanted.

The Setup: A user-friendly putting green was a must. I wasn’t interested in a putting only green – I wanted to hit all sorts of shots onto the green, especially short game stuff. So I went with the deluxe version of the Supreme Green, including the pattern effect green that mimics the grain of real grass. From a distance people look at my green and often say, “is that a real green?” I think it looks pretty cool.

I also installed two hitting tees at either end of the property as well as a bunker.

Result: I couldn’t be happier with the end result. Bruce and his team are real pros and I enjoyed working with them and driving them mad with lots of questions. I feel so lucky that I’ve now got my very own putting green in my backyard.

Issues: The only issue we had was the weather. It rained non stop for 3 months and this delayed the project. It became funny in the end because each time it looked like we’d get the job completed it would rain again. I think this happened 3 times – it was all very frustrating.

Best thing?: I love the fact I can take my 60 deg lob wedge down to my green and hit all sorts of shots. I enjoy hitting the bunker and lob shots and then marvel at how well the green reacts to the shots. It’s so realistic it almost defies belief. The green really is amazing.

Anything wrong?: I’ve been working with Bruce to fine tune the green. At first mine was a little too fast. This was sorta my fault because I wanted a really fast green to mimic the greens I grew up on in Melbourne. We’re also working on a better cup system. While the current cups work fine – for a pure golf geek like me I reckon there’s a better option.

Advice for others?: Ask lots of questions and do your homework. I think it would be easy to go after the cheapest option or dive right in and look at the most expensive brands. Supreme Greens sit somewhere in the middle on price but I think offer the best product. But you need to do your own research to make your own mind up.

My awesome putting green