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What does a synthetic golf green cost?

Of all the questions I receive, the most common is, how much do these things cost?

I was showing some guys yesterday my putting green and they were having a great time, putting and chipping around. They were at our property to do some work, and as usual, the putting green stands out and was a focal point. After a few minutes, Col asked, “wow, this thing is incredible. Excuse the rude question, but what is the price of this thing?”.

So I thought I better put together an article that outlines the cost of a Supreme Green properly. I’m also going to assume that this is going to be the most read article on the site so I make the following comment:

This is just a guide. It’s impossible for one article to cover all the costs for every possible scenario. If you’re in the market for a synthetic golf green, the aim of this blog is to give you a ballpark figure. A guide. Something to think about. But this can’t be considered to be an accurate figure for everyone. Your final price could well be lower, or it may go up. With all that in mind, here’s a costing report on a synthetic golf green.

Supreme Green: Please note that a Supreme Green is the deluxe version synthetic green. It’s the most realistic synthetic green on the market, allowing you to putt, chip, pitch, hit bunker shots and play full shots onto the green. The green and yarn has been designed to absorb shots, allowing them to spin without leaving nasty pitch marks in the green.

The Price

A Supreme Green starts at around $135 per metre and goes up to around $145 per metre. Costings vary depending on the exact type of grass you choose. There are two varieties;

1. A plain green grass that is a little cheaper.

2. A painted grass that mimics the grain of real grass. These greens in my opinion look better and have a way more realistic look. This process is more time consuming and therefore costs a little more. Both the plain green and the striped green play exactly the same way.

Other costs that you need to consider:

The above costs for a synthetic golf green are just ball park figures. There are all sorts of things that may increase the price.

Shape – to minimise costs I went for a square design green. This ensured there was no wastage of synthetic grass so I got the most bang for my buck. You can get any design/shape you want but bear in mind that oval shaped green does result in wastage and this is something you’ll have to factor in.

Location – the price above is based out of Brisbane. If you live in Broome, there will be travel and extra shipping costs. Unfortunately there is no way around this. Shipping to major cities on the east coast raises the price by only a few bucks per metre.

Works – your land parcel may require extra work for it to be ready for your synthetic green. There may be access or land issues that need to be accounted for. It’s this reason you will need to get a specific quote from us.

Size – the price is based on a green size of 175 square metres. If you’re looking for a much larger green, then there may be room to move on the price.

The cost of an average green

Size – 175m2
Location: Brisbane
Cost: $23,625

Cost of a larger green

Size – 250m2
Location: Brisbane
Cost: $33,750

Again, these are a rough guide. You’ll need to tell us more about your specific needs to get a really accurate quote. Also, these cost do not factor in accessories like bunkers or teeing grounds.

Please contact us for a specific costing for your synthetic golf green.