Here’s a project Bruce has just finished recently in Sydney. It’s a relatively small golf green but is a good example of how to transform your backyard with a nice putting green.

The green size is 32m2 with a further 40m2 of landscape grass added. This synthetic golf green in Sydney was a full install, we removed all existing vegetation and created the design and contours and then did a thourogh clean up afterwards. Total build time was two days and this little putting green was good to go right away.

You can see a little of the Profill on the surface – this will settle down in time (a week or two) but doesn’t really effect the playability.

synthetic golf green sydney (before)
Before – getting the site and design just right.
synthetic golf green Sydney - after 1
A little backyard putting green in the suburbs of Sydney
artificial putting green Sydney
The finished product. A nice putting green with fringe grass. Ideal for some sneaky short game practice and certainly transforms the backyard.


Cost for something like this is around the $10K mark. This is for a full install, including the fringe grass – just sit back and watch us build you the perfect synthetic putting green. Please contact us to get a free quote.

    2 replies to "[Case Study] Synthetic Golf Green Sydney"

    • Steve

      Cameron a bit of feedback, the green shown is mine as I’ve said to Bruce great Job, really quick professionally done and cleaned up when the boys left ready to go. I can play short chips to the holes both sides and then a few different putting angles. I LOVE IT and even my wife thinks it’s tidied up a dead part of the yard, biggest issue is fighting the kids as to whose putt it is 🙂 . Cannot recommend it highly enough.

      Regards Steve Mc / Epping NSW

    • Cameron

      Thanks for your feedback Steve. Glad you like the green.

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