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A golf tee for home

Here’s a pic of a standard type of golf tee we can build for you in your backyard. We use a strip of our premium golf tee grass in the middle, and some cheaper landscape grass on the outside. This way you’ll have a hitting tee for both left and right handers and get the most bang for your buck. These tees can be any size or shape you like, but we have found that a size of 2.4 metres x 1.8 metres works the best – there’s less waste and it’s a good size golf tee for use at home.

Construction of these tees is cost effective. Usually we can create something like this for around $500 – $750 (prices will vary so use this as a ballpark price), including all the materials and synthetic grass. There’s almost zero maintenance, except for brushing off the debris.

Hitting balls from these golf tees are awesome. Firstly, you can place a real golf tee into the mat and you’re good to go. No need to mess around with those annoying rubber golf tees. And secondly, if you use our Supreme Green Tee grass you’re getting the best hitting surface on the market. Unlike a lot of normal golf tees, this grass provides realistic feedback by not letting the club bounce of the surface into the ball. You’ll get the sensation of hitting the ball “fat” if you strike the ground first. And the last thing is this grass doesn’t leave the green markings on the bottom of your club.

Bottom line? If you’ve got the room and you’re keen to get a golf green installed, these golf tees provide a perfect place to hit shots from and there’s no stress about ruining your nice lawn.

If you’re looking for something more fancy then you’ll have to contact us.

A nice golf tee for your backyard is a perfect addition to your golf green
A nice golf tee for your backyard is a perfect addition to your golf green