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[Case Study] Typical backyard turned into golfing oasis

The images below highlight what’s possible when you mix a passion for golf and synthetic grass. You can turn a typical backyard into something really special. If you don’t like mowing/gardening and would rather spend your time playing/practising golf, then a synthetic golf green should be a serious consideration.

The client is located in Victoria and got his people to do the preparation work, Bruce turned up and installed all the grass. I’ll be adding more images when the client finishes off the job completely (doing some extra landscaping etc) but these pics are a great starting point.

Note: The large fringe area that is perfect for chipping and pitching but also doubles as the backyard lawn. Great for kids to play on and for entertaining purposes.

Typical suburban backyard

and lots of mowing required…

A beautiful putting green with nice fringe area

A backyard transformed into a golfing paradise